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Monday, January 13, 2020

Upcoming Fundraising Event! 0 comments

Our Team:

The HANDS team is busily preparing themselves mentally and financially for our upcoming trip! We are planning on holding a soup dinner this Friday from 5pm - 7pm at the St. Thomas FRC at 163 St. George Street. Cost for the dinner is by donation. We plan on having various soups, salads, buns, and dessert. We will have gluten free and dairy free options. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP asap to Austin Pennings ( or Naysi Pennings (!

We thank you for all your support and we hope to see you this Friday!

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Monday, December 16, 2019

The Providence HANDS Team is Up and Starting! 0 comments

We are very excited to announce the beginning of the Providence HANDS Team mission trip 2020. We will be travelling to Bermejos, D.R. where we will have to opportunity to help build new classrooms for the Apocalypsis Christian School. Our team is so thankful to be going on this trip and we are eager to spread the light of God’s love to the people in Bermejos. If you would like to donate or learn more about our trip visit our team page on the EduDeo website; 

We would really appreciate your prayers and support as we prepare to serve on this trip! 

How can you help us? 

  • Financial support 

  • We have a lot of money to raise in a small amount of time so your support would be very appreciated! 


  • Our team would be very encouraged by your prayers! 


Fundraising efforts; 

Each person attending the trip is expected to raise $2300 to cover all the expenses of the trip which also includes money towards buying building materials for the school.  

  • Fundraising events 

- Pizza, pop, and chips sold on Fridays at lunch (proceeds go towards the trip) 

- Hot chocolate sold on Thursdays at lunch 

- Bake sales/ Coffee house 

- We hope to have more fundraising events soon! 



We would really appreciate your financial support during our preparations for the trip! 

 Prayer Requests; 

- our fundraising efforts would go well 

- God will continue to work in our hearts to prepare us for the trip 

- God would bless the trip and help it to influence the lives of those we meet 

- We would have safety on the trip 


Please subscribe to our blog if you are interested in keeping up to date with our team as we prepare and, as were on the trip. We will be keeping the blog updated! 

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