December 1, 2013


Poelman Family HANDS Team:

Dec 1 2013 Blog 

Had a restful Sunday today...we went to the English Service once again at CCAP at 8:30 and stayed for a while for the 2nd service which is in Tambuka. Because it was World Aids Day, the sermon was on the stigma which is attached to HIV/AIDS and compared to the old testament leprosy cases. Then the minister talked of Jesus' healing of the lepers and how God has given wisdom to the doctors and health professionals for treatment and education and care for HIV/AIDS patients. God and doctors can work together. We were once again able to participate in the service through scripture reading, prayers, and singing.

 The afternoon consisted of a football (soccer) game with the locals. Henry was goaltender as they considered him able to cover the most area, and we had high hopes for Eric with his long dutch legs. We also had Philemon and Moffat along with a couple of local kids playing on our team. We managed to come to a 4 to 4 tie game!!

Just before supper we were able to meet with Pastor David, along with Dunga, Richard, and Margaret, who are all office bearers in the church here at the CCAP. They discussed how their church is run along with the goals they are looking to achieve in the future. They are in the process of building a new church which will take some time as it is a slow process to raise the funds. They are a large church, with over 600 members and are growing. They have a large youth population which is very strong in the church. Everyone seems to be involved in something, whether it is a club, choir, or some sort of study group. It was a very informative evening to say the least.

Had a surprise for supper tonight.....a delicacy of fried caterpillars. Needless to say, not everyone partook. The brave ones were Lindsey, Mike, Ryan, Eric, Jon H, and Jerry.

We discussed how our time here went with Philemon and Moffat, giving each other our insights and thoughts. They shared their thoughts and goals of expectations with us too, and we all came to the conclusion that we are all coming away with this experience being positively affected in very personal ways.

Will be very hard to say our good-byes tomorrow as the community has become like our family and has made us feel so much a part of the


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