November 29, 2013

Hi Hoe, Hi Hoe, It's off to work we go!!

Poelman Family HANDS Team:

Well, day nine began at a gas station where we purchased 4 liters of gas, and a trip to the home depot (well....Zambia's version anyway!).  We began our journey out to Molozi where we were introduced to a community school.

This community school is different as it is operated with volunteer teachers. To say that the road there was rough, would be like saying the grand canyon is a nice coulee! All the teachers and kids were out preparing for planting so were not present, but we did have the opportunity to check out some teacher houses that were built by another group. We bounced down the road back to Mwase Day School. Our building site brick layers had all the corners up and were ready for us to join them in work. We had a really productive half day at the site. Only one accident when Mister Haze rolled his wheel-barrow. Its contents, as well as the unliscenced driver were spilled on the ground--but no worries! We were all very concerned for his well being.......after photos were taken.

After work, we were treated to a ride in an ox cart to a nearby farm where we were given a crash course in plowing the way the locals do- with oxen pulling a plow or by hand using a hoe. Needless to say, the GPS on the plow wasn't working because our rows were awful. Only the wealthy farming families use oxen. We learned a lot about how a village is set up and all the work that is put into running it. They are like a large family group living together and working together. They have a variety of animals and planted a variety of crops. We proceeded back to CCAP with a new found appreciation for modern equipment.  

When we got back, we made a very quick trip to the market. We were privileged by having our guides along! Some of the young children grabbed each of us by hand and escorted us there and back. We were going back for some Zambian head socks that a merchant was going to get for us, but he was already gone when we got there. Will try again tomorrow for the head socks---any guesses as to what they could be?????


Nov 30, 2013 at 4:56 pm

I want toque take a guess at what a head sock could you have to be a heel to wear one?....

Glad to hear that Henry's guardian angel was again up to the task. We are looking -20C and some snow. Enjoy the heat and your Sunday.


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