November 28, 2013

Zambian Thanksgiving

Poelman Family HANDS Team:

Was another busy day with a couple activities other than work. The day started off with heading out to the village of Mwase where the project site is, but on the way we were able to stop in at the primary school for a short visit while some kids were in a classroom having a short lesson.

We were invited into a classroom of Grade 2 kids where there was probably about 100 or more kids in there. One thing we all noticed was the order the teacher had in the class. When something was told to them, they listened very well. When they were greeted by Philemon, they responded, "GOOD MORNING SIR, WE ARE FINE SIR", with more energy than you have ever seen. We participated in an English lesson, and sang a few songs with the kids, then listened as the teachers shared their concerns. The dedication and concern that these teachers have for these children is awe inspiring. They know that these young children need their foundation in school in order to be able to become good citizens of not only Zambia, but of Africa and the world.

After this, we went to the project site and continued our work there for a few hours. Things are coming along nicely there.

We were invited to Ellens's house, a member of the local church, for lunch today, which was a really big deal to invite 12+ people to your home and feed them a good meal and was an honor to be invited at all. We were told by our leader from CCAP here that this has never happened for any of the projects in the  past. We were treated to a very traditional Zambian meal, with about 13 different dishes...was an elaborate spread and felt like a Thanksgiving feast, which, in a way it was. Ellen said that this was her way of giving thanks to God for us being in Zambia doing the work we were doing.  She was the previous pastor's wife and she shared her story with us which was very interesting. Her husband had passed away a few years ago, but she has had quite the journey in life from the start, including losing a previous marriage, as well as losing a few loved ones over the years including a couple of her own children. She is a very exciting and inspirational woman in this community, maintaining a fairly large farm, employing a full time farm manager to help with that, and offers courses on her yard to help teach the elderly some basics about life and money management. This visit was very inspirational and was very spiritually uplifting for us. She said that she related with us with our loss of Kyndra as she has faced many losses herself, but encouraged us with her love and the joy she has in Jesus Christ. We are finding that the Zambian people are incredible ambassaders for God.

After this, we headed back to the place we are staying and, with not much surprise, the 10 or so neighborhood kids were here waiting for the balls and toys to come out.

Was a good day, but no really good stories or opportunities to capatilize at Henry's expense today. 


Nov 28, 2013 at 2:39 pm

So excellent to read about your experiences, as well as the way you are allowing blessings and ministry to flow both ways. We are praying for you all here at the EduDeo office.

Nov 28, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Great to read each day what you are doing. I know I will hear about the meals as some have been items some members DO NOT USUALLY eat. Great to be able to feel like I am included and connected because I know what is happening.

Nov 28, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Ellen's story is indeed inspiring. I would think bitterness would be sitting at her door.....waiting to devour her. Yet she recognizes that she... and her life belong to Jesus.....and that there is no room for bitterness. Thank you for sharing that experience with us here.

Nov 28, 2013 at 11:39 pm

Sounds like the trip has been very enlightening so far !

It's been wonderful to be able to read about your progress every day . Keep up the excellent work !

Nov 29, 2013 at 10:38 am

How is papa Ken doing?

Dec 4, 2013 at 7:58 pm

Wow! What an awesome experience!

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