November 25, 2013

What we goat done today!

Poelman Family HANDS Team:

Day 4: Monday Nov.25

What we goat done today.... 

The day started off normal for being in Lundazi. We got started early, made a stop at the bank at 8 am to exchange some money for Zambian kwacha. It was pay day for the government workers, so there was a line up at the local bank, and the exchange took some time! While we were waiting, the local police scouted our van and as soon as we left, we were pulled over and asked to go to the local police station. Turns out our driver had the wrong license for 12 tourists and he received a fine, and we lost another 30 minutes.

 We arrived at the school site with no further delays, and were surprised by the greeting as soon  as we got out of the van. We had the local church ladies choir singing some Tumbuka songs. They encouraged us to follow, and dance with them as they sang. With our lack of rhythm, we soon had all the students and teachers laughing: this reached a full roar when Henry had trouble with the direction, and backed into one of the ladies. It's one of those things when you probably had to be there , but it was funny. The school put on a welcoming ceremony that lasted for over 2 hours with some plays, poetry readings and songs from students and choirs. We were also amazed when our team received the customary gift to welcome us! It was 2 live chickens and 1 goat. Needless to say, we were a little unsure  as to what to do with the livestock. In the end, we loaded it all into the van and brought them back to home base and now we know what we are eating tomorrow night!

The afternoon went good and we laid brick and were surprised at our progress. It is the beginning of the rainy season, and a little after 4:00 we were rained out!

This day had so much activity and new experiences, that it is impossible to put them all into words.

Nixon says I'm done , so until tomorrow.....


Jacquie Wierenga
Nov 25, 2013 at 11:28 pm

Nice to hear the news & see the pics. Glad all is well, hello from all of us at home & Gramma W.& Sarah too!

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