November 24, 2013

Who shall I send?

Poelman Family HANDS Team:

This morning we had the opportunity to partake in the english church service here at CCAP.  The Zambian service has many similarities with church service at home, but here are a few of the differences we observed: Visiting guests are brought forward, introduced and then welcomed by the congregation. The elders read out the announcements and a guest minister lead the congregational prayer, which was a short sermon spoken full of passion.  Before the sermon we were able to participate in the service with the singing of two hymns, a passage reading and a prayer for the offerings. The pastor preached on Isaiah 6, about hearing God's calling.

After a short coffee break we were able to join the Tambukan church service. The Zambian's have an incredible gift for dancing and singing and we enjoyed hearing and seeing their passion shine through in their service. There are over 500 members in their congregation. A great many of them are children. It was a joy to hear the children and adults singing and dancing in various choirs. The congregation is actively involved in the entire service. The service was really a spiritually up lifting experience, that can not be described with words. Everyone needs to experience it for themselves.

After lunch we walked to Lundazi Castle, one of only 3 castles in Africa.  We learned the history of the castle and spent the afternoon there talking with Philemon about the work that CCAP does here in Zambia. It was interesting to learn that CCAP works with orphans, providing teaching materials, education and empowerment of young girls, HIV/AIDs education and prevention, and the drilling of water wells for rural communities.

Yesterday we had rain showers roll through, but today was back to sunny and hot. The weather is going to be interesting going forward as we are at the start of the rainy seasons.

Henry did a Jack and Jill impersonation and fell down a hill, and laughter came tumbling after.






Dec 4, 2013 at 7:45 pm

It must have been great to finally receive rain!

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