November 7, 2011

Moooonday blues.

PK-Dominican HANDS Team:

The rest of Sunday was a night of powerful worship and prayer. We have a great team assembled here.

Monday we all agree was hotter than Saturday. We continued to work on the trenches, but this time removing the soil and breakdown from the concrete slabs that were left. In doing this, we found it a little frustrating with moving one pile of dirt over 30 feet. Thank God for Bobcats.

The sun was relentless, as the day went on, breaks became mandatory. If you can even imagine, there was even word around about how nice it would be to be back in Canada to cool down.

At noon, the school switches. With limited room they teach a few grades in the morning and the other grades in the afternoon. The youngest grade took a liking to us, and made quick work to make our bodies jungle gyms. If you were also wearing glasses, small hands are quick to grab those. Nate quickly became a throwing upside down machine.

At the end of the afternoon, despite a day of what seemed like endless fruitless pile moving, the fruit of our labour became apparent. Before we left, the local workers were erecting the rebar foundation structures. When we return tomorrow we will be mixing concrete to start pouring. Please God, bring a breeze or some clouds. Canuks were not made for such heat - and some 'rednecks' are the proof of it. We were all left in awe when we learned one of the local workers was 77 and kept a constant pace and continual strength for the whole day.

The work is hard, and hot, but the Lord's strength is provided and there is great joy in connecting the with students of the school. Pictures coming soon.


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