April 11, 2018

Finishing Strong

PKC DR 2018 HANDS Team:

As the sun came up over the palm trees  this morning it felt a little chilly. Overnight the temperature had dropped to only 25 degrees, a noticeable change from working in 30 to 38 degree weather. A sign our bodies are adjusting to the heat I guess.  The quiet of the morning, the birds singing praises to God, reading his Word, what a way to start the day!

The last three work days have been tough but we made it to 5:00 one day, 3:30 another and today we finished the job we came to do by 2:15 PM, fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. The walls had been built during our earlier work days and today was the day to construct the five columns by filling them with concrete.

A total of 15 wheelbarrows of coarse sand, 18 of gravel and 101/2 bags of cement, all mixed together with copious amounts of water. Then with a line of men passing half filled buckets of this soupy mess we transported it to the column. The buckets were lifted over eight foot to pour the contents down into the forms. Five columns were poured with134 buckets in each one. Needless to say we are extremely dirty, exhausted and ready for a rest. Many of us have found muscles that we didn't know we had. I am sure we will recover by this time next week.

Tonight we went for a drive into Santo Domingo to a meeting of pastors from around DR who came to hear about Promise Keepers Blueprint which is a strategy for men's ministry. Over 75 ministry leaders were there and the message was well received. Ian did a great job presenting the material with a translator.

Tomorrow is a cultural day for us with visits to other schools that some of the guys have worked on previously, some tourist stuff including a visit to a marketplace and hopefully some time resting. Flying home Friday. I know we miss you all.


Deanna Stearns
Apr 12, 2018 at 10:28 pm

A little slow at catching up with all that has been going on for you all, but know we've been praying! Beautiful things Jesus has you doing in spite of the heat and hard work. Have so much joy in your last hours there. Fist bumps all around...and an extra one for my Portage Brothers ;)

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