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Friday, April 13, 2018

Bitter Sweet 2 comments

Our Team:

It is a bitter sweet moment as we sit here in the airport.  We are all happy to go home to Canada but sad to be leaving behind the volumes and volumes of work that is still to be done in this beautiful country.  I am reminded of a quote as I leave, "Two things that pierce a persons heart are beauty and affliction."  This is definitly a country that has the extremes of both of those.

With one final devotion this morning that spoke to each and everyone of us, we leave this place knowing that God can take what we have done and multiply it.  We leave knowing that this is not where it stops.  When you allow God to use you, He can use you anywhere.  There is brokeness and poverty everywhere, some materialistic and some spiritual.  We can be used by God no matter where we are.  

Thank you to all who have prayed and supported us on this amazing journey.  See you all soon!  Sorry no final photo, the WI-FI isn't cooperating. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Finishing Strong 1 comment

As the sun came up over the palm trees  this morning it felt a little chilly. Overnight the temperature had dropped to only 25 degrees, a noticeable change from working in 30 to 38 degree weather. A sign our bodies are adjusting to the heat I guess.  The quiet of the morning, the birds singing praises to God, reading his Word, what a way to start the day!

The last three work days have been tough but we made it to 5:00 one day, 3:30 another and today we finished the job we came to do by 2:15 PM, fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. The walls had been built during our earlier work days and today was the day to construct the five columns by filling them with concrete.

A total of 15 wheelbarrows of coarse sand, 18 of gravel and 101/2 bags of cement, all mixed together with copious amounts of water. Then with a line of men passing half filled buckets of this soupy mess we transported it to the column. The buckets were lifted over eight foot to pour the contents down into the forms. Five columns were poured with134 buckets in each one. Needless to say we are extremely dirty, exhausted and ready for a rest. Many of us have found muscles that we didn't know we had. I am sure we will recover by this time next week.

Tonight we went for a drive into Santo Domingo to a meeting of pastors from around DR who came to hear about Promise Keepers Blueprint which is a strategy for men's ministry. Over 75 ministry leaders were there and the message was well received. Ian did a great job presenting the material with a translator.

Tomorrow is a cultural day for us with visits to other schools that some of the guys have worked on previously, some tourist stuff including a visit to a marketplace and hopefully some time resting. Flying home Friday. I know we miss you all.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Kids, kids everywhere! 1 comment

Today is yet another hot day.  You can definitely see how everyone is starting to slow down.  But we are strong in Spirit and God gave us the grace to get accomplished what we need to get done.  The work basically was the same with more brick laying, mixing cement, mixing mortar, and digging.  Communication is happening better every day as we learn a few Spanish words and the locals we are working with are learning a few English words.

The children at the school are definitely used to seeing us now and are becoming bolder every day.  Everyone has had a chance to interact with the kids and you can definitely see how much they love having us around. (See pictures).  Eveyone is mesmerized with how beautiful the children are.

The food and service at the school was awesome as usual.

After supper we had an awesome time of sharing and you can see how God has been working in everyone’s lives and spiritual growth is happening.  We can all say that God has each and every one of us here for a reason.  Praise God for His incredible timing.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Back to school! 2 comments

Well, after a day off work I think we would all admit, getting back into work mode wasn’t an easy task, but after a short time, everyone was back into working in the Dominican heat.  The day started off with the presentation of a box of school supplies to the school principal.  She was very grateful for this awesome contribution.  Thanks so much for this donation (You know who you are).

Today’s work consisted of mixing cement, mixing mortar, laying more bricks, leveling the inside of the classrooms and moving fill into the rooms.

 We had a great day of interaction with the kids as they are becoming more comfortable with us around and we with them.

 The school has been so gracious ensuring that we are well hydrated and fed as we work there.  It is amazing the quality of service and food that the school staff has provided us, (we would say better than any resort) yet another of many humbling moments this trip.  We have been convinced we have figured out that the secret ingredient to their delicious food and wonderful service must be love.  They love to have us there and take care of us as we try to serve them.  God’s love just flows out of these people.

 God blessed us with cloud cover this afternoon which afforded us the energy to work longer and get more done today.

Josh wasn't done serving as after supper he insisted on helping with the dishes! (see picture) 

Thanks so much for the encouragement, it is always great to see comments.  Please continue to do so.

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