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Friday, January 19, 2018

One week to Belize 1 comment

Our Team:

Hello all,

Well we are alive and well and now 15 in number. God is good and sometimes a lot better when we just get out of His way and let Him be God. Next week this time we will be checked into Hok'ol K'in Guest House in Corozal Town, Belize. We will have had our first meal there and will likely be strolling about the very warm town, maybe in the rain, discovering the mysteries of the town. A week tomorrow we begin work on the removal and replacement of a roof at Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool. Check back regularly and we will try to have daily pictures and comments about the mission.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Belize 2018 A Reality! 2 comments

Hi everyone,

This is my first go at blogging but I felt it was time to get this mission officially started in the public eye.

On October 10th I asked God during morning devotions where the Belize 2018 trip was at because we seemed stalled at seven willing men. Two and a half weeks later, we are ELEVEN! It is obvious that our God needed we leaders to get out of the way and let Him answer prayer.

We are, from the west to the east, Theo VanderKooi, Ron Makkinga, Anthony Nienhuis, Larry Friesen, Barry Greenwald, Ben VanderKooi, Dave Soubolsky, Ian Nairn, Rock Taylor, Brian Beswick and Robert Pottle. We are going to Belize, January 26th, to make major renovations to Redeemer Presbyterian School in San Narciso in Corozal. The roof in the photo needs to be removed and replaced, a ceiling needs to be installed and the building needs to be rewired. Big job, bigger hearts on the way to do it.

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