April 6, 2013

Day 3 in Belize

PK-Belize 2013 HANDS Team:

The sounds of the jungle overnight and in the early morning were awesome as were the sites of the breaking day at the Jaguar Creek Retreat Centre.  We gathered for breakfast and then gathered again in our beautiful conference room. 

Inspired worship with Pastor Betson and Ian Nairn led us into the presence of the Lord. Pastor Betson even utilized his saxophone which was beautiful and unique.  The core of the teaching from Jamie McArthur was about a man finding his father’s heart.  It dealt with some of the hard issues about our earthly father’s hearts and the irreplaceable joy of experiencing our Heavenly Father’s heart.  Every man had an opportunity to accept the Father’s Blessing, that is, his identity as the Father’s son, the affection of the Father “Whom I love” and the affirmation from the Father that “I am well pleased with you!”  God the Holy Spirit directed this time and many men came forward to experience the Father’s Love.  We know angels sang when two of the young men that were with us accepted Christ into their lives for the first time!!!  We were overwhelmed with gratitude as the pastors and leaders articulated how much they appreciated what was received from the Lord through our time together and how desperately these truths, directed specifically at men, are needed in their nation.  Thank you God!

On route back to Belize City we dropped off some of the pastors and leaders and then enjoyed some amazing time with the young men and the other Belizean men “cave tubing” and building strong relationships.  It was a memory maker for all of us.  As usual we enjoyed a late evening meal together.  At around midnight there were four of us out at the water’s edge reviewing the day.  We were approached by a man named Earnest.  He was homeless and very troubled.  We got him some food and then we listened, shared the Lord with him and prayed with him.  He said he would return to see us the next day and maybe even go to church with us. It was a short night’s sleep for the four of us but we would not have had it any other way.  Why don’t we do this more at home???


Apr 8, 2013 at 9:13 am

Your experiences so far are very moving to read about. Thanks for sharing! May the Lord continue to bless you all as you are blessing others!

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