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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Belize Thursday 3 comments

Our Team:

It seems like we just got here and it's now the last day and time to pack and get ready for our trip home.

But let's talk about today.  We walked to the pier to board a water taxi at 7:45 AM.  We traveled to San Pedra Island to cool of snorkeling on the Balizian Barrier Reef.  World famous and a very popular tourist attraction.  We had a terrific guide that Pastor Betson knew and we were taught how to snorkel.  We had a wonderful time swimming with a huge variety of fish, every color in the rainbow.  We then moved the boat to shark alley!  Somw of us were hoping the sharks wouldn't show up, however they did and in huge numbers.  There were sting rays, various larger fish and sharks up to 9ft, 6 in.  It was hard for most of us to jump in the water with many sharks circling the boat,  You could here multiple cries of "I'm not going first" but Ian had faith and went first and after a few minutes all were eager to jump in.  As the pictures show there were big sharks that we could hold and get our picture with.  Needless to say not all particapated in this.

There was constant excited chatter in the boat as we traveled back to San Pedra Island for lunch and a walk around the narrow streets.  Then back onto the water taxi at 3:30 arriving at the Belize City dock at 5:00.

It was an incredible day of fellowship together with the team and Pastor Betson.

Well it's time for the team to gather for scripture and discussion after the days events as we have done every day since we arrived.

We leave the Pastors home at 8:00 tomorrow to travel to the Unity School for some special activity with the school kids arranged by the principle, Carolynn Betson, the pastors wife.  Gonna be a tear jerker.  Then to the airport to start the long trip home.

Thanks for your comments, they are a thrill for all of us to read.

See you soon.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Belize Wednesday 10 comments

We were treated to two of Pastor Betsons meals, supper Tues. was BBQ chicken and breakfast was eggs and Johnny cakes, both were exceptional.

We awoke wednesday morning to rain showers and a little cooler weather, a welcome relief.  We spent the morning in the bus in Belize city running errans and then we all traveled to Spanish Lookout, a farming community in southern Belize.  The scenery was awsome and we were treated to a varied terran and topo.  We stopped for a bite in Spanish Lookout and we saw Amish, Menonite and Mexican cultures.  We helped a lady with her baby as she was in need of food.  She was given a sack of rice and beans

We all decided to kick in some cash and stop at a Cave Tubing park in the mountans on our way back to Belize city.  We had a great time of fun, fellowship and a cool drift thru the huge caves the river ran thru.  All in all a very relaxing day.

If you have any questions that we might be able to answer please post them thru the comment section and we'll try to answer them



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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Workday in Belize 5 comments


            Hi this is Bill here and I'm going to tell you a little about the school and my experience in one of the classrooms.  The children show up for 8:30.  Most of them walk; there were a few bicycles.  The day starts with a chapel time at the church on the same property.  School itself starts at 9:00 am.  There is a recess in the morining and lunch is from 12:00 to 1:00.  The younger grades then have school in the afternoon from 1:00 to 2:00.  The older children go to 3:00 pm.  The school started with 6 students and now there are about 220.  Several children come from poor families, single-parent families or blended families.

            I was in a grade 2 class for an hour on Monday and a second hour on Tuesday.  There were about 25 boys and girls sitting at a total of 3 tables.

            Part of my time was during reading time.  The children had to go individually to the book area, pick out a book, and bring it back to their table to read.  I helped a few of the children read their books.  For one of the children, Raymond, it was more like reading to him instead of helping him read.

            For another part of the class, the teacher was explaining tourism and what a tourist was. She said a tourist is someone who visits another country.  The kids were told that someone from Mexico who visited Belize could be a tourist.  She then asked if the children themselves could be a tourist.  Many said no. (Oops..a little more discussion was necessary).  The teacher also asked if there were any tourists in the class.  Well there was only I was not the first answer given!  (Some things take a time before they kick in).  I then told them where I was from and what I was doing in Belize. 

            The kids are glad for the attention that they get.  When class was done for the day, I got a couple hugs from the kids whose table I sat at.  There were also lots of "high fives" to give out.

Hey everybody, this is Alex here. I'm blogging today to give Jerry, who's been doing a great job blogging so far.

Yesterday we got a great start on tying the new section of rebar, especially considering we were finishing the previous section and had to go buy it, haul it up to the roof, and lay it out.

So, today I am proud to say that we have been privileged with being the team to finish all the rebar for the next story of the school. If I'm lucky, I'll never have to tie rebar again in my life.  We were actually finished all the tying before lunch.

Our lunch was, once again delicious. We had what appeared to be large meatballs, some rice, coleslaw and a sauce. As usual, there was enough food in once container that some of us were able to share and bless the kids who didn't have lunch with a meal.

Anthony and Ben had the brilliant idea of bringing a soccer ball and a football. At first the kids had no idea what to do with a football, they started out by kicking it but they picked it up pretty quick and started throwing it (pun intended). Eventually there was over a dozen kids playing some catch with Anthony. We also started a soccer game and there was maybe a dozen or so kids playing with myself (Alex), Bill, Tim, Ken, and Ian. Needless to say, the kids were better than we were. The game started out Canada vs Belize (except for Ian who evened the teams) and ended up Belizeans and me chasing the ball around and white guys standing around the nets as acting goalies.

Today, more of us were able to sit in on some of the classes. Bill was able to participate in the same classroom as yesterday, the teacher actually told him that he had "abandoned her". The lesson was on tourism so he made a great prop. I'm going to try and get him to make a post about it so all you readers can get a firsthand perspective. Anthony also had a very positive experience, he gained a new buddy Chico.

If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to comment and I'll make sure you get an answer in either a later post or the comments.

I'll the group picture Omar took when I get one of the cameras he used.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Work day in Belize 3 comments

Tim aays:  Greetings from Belize! It's great to look at the our blog and see we actually have people following us on our mission. Thanks for the comments.Well, it's Monday morning and we are anticipating a great week of work and socializing with the staff and kids at Unity School. We had a good start, friday and saturday, on laying the rebar on the third floor of the school addition.A prayer request would be for safety and for God's intervention, as we try to purchase some more rebar this morning. Interact probably is not an option! We appreciate your prayers, bye for now,



Ian says:

What an awesome group of men to work together with!! What an amazing sense of the presence of God last night as we worshiped together with our new friends from the community surrounding Unity School. Located on top of clay filled swamp, next door to the burial grounds (above ground cement graves) and surrounded by homes some permanent others not so much :)  we were overwhelmed by the manifest presence of the Lord. Sharing from 2 Cor Pastor Betson challenged us to seek the comfort of the Lord and press "TRUU" all that the Lord has allowed in our lives that we might be melted and then molded for His purposes for our lives. SPECIAL THANKS to all of you who have and will continue to pray. Thus far no one has taken ill, no accidents on the job site and  a warm and inviting home at Pastor and Carolyn Betson's home where we've been renewed and refreshed in a loving and Christ filled way every day. WE LOVE YOU  !!. Lastly, i send my love and prayers to my precious wife Patti , my children Rob Chris Jen and Mike and last but not least the newest love of my life our little granddaughter Brooke-Lynn who just turned 6 months old. 


Well this awsome day is winding down and was supposed to be an uneventfull day, but now we look back we realize it was a full day.  We started with a sucessful trip to the construction sales depot to purchase the balance of the rebar need to complete the roof of the school.  With the generousity of the team Sunday night who put up additional funds of $3,200.00 in pledges to purchase the rebar, we showed up at Bennys Lumber Co. with no cash.  God had us covered and the guys showed up at the school with the needed 142 forty foot lengths of rebar which we happily hauled up to the third floor. 

Some of us got to sit in on some classes to visit with the students and to witness first hand the education and atmosphere that the students were recieving.  Well I saw an incredibly talented, acredited teacher lead a class and teach science.  Lots of stuff that was very familiar and some new stuff to.  It was excellent,

After school some of the students decided to play a little baseball which soon saw some of us playing a pick-up game with them in the parking lot.  After some home runs, double plays, laughter and a whole lot of fun the local kids showed us their love of baseball and their willingness to fellowship with a bunch of Canadian men.

We got home around 6:00 for supper and as soon as the bus stopped some of the team bolted out the door and dove into the Carribean for a refreshing swim.  We are all very tired from the heat and hard work but somehow we feel so blessed and energized.

Thanks for your prays.  We can see the results of your prays every day as we can not do all of this on our own.  Continue to pray for us for safety, strength and continued energy to complete the task at hand.

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