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Monday, February 23, 2015

Renacer Community Project 0 comments

Our Team:

We're home - tired and mosquito bitten but thankful for the amazing week.

After 5 days working at Renacer we witnessed them become the hands and feet of Jesus in an amazing way. Out of their own poverty the Grade 12 class meets once a month to assist in a community clinic near the school. They assemble in a Batey with approximately 2,000 people to wash and groom children's hair while parents are counselled on hygiene and medical matters. A small food program is involved as well. The event is underwritten by the Colgate Company, who in addition to providing much needed supplies, also sponsor health care professionals to assist and provide counsel to the community.

Words fail the reality of the poverty in this community, even by the standards of the D.R.. The Renacer students however,out of their own initiative and their own needs, brng abundance to the poorest of the city. The memory of this day will impact our HANDS team for some time to come.

Saturday we travelled to the mountains of Jarabacoa and enjoyed a great rafting trip on the longest river in the D.R.. Soaked by the current and rain we felt "cold" for the 1st time ever in the tropical climate.  We met a team from Europe who develop water systems in remote villages, and enjoyed the company of several COCREF workers.  What a blessing to meet people from all over the world in the name of our one true Saviour, who make it all possible; a truly blessed day.

Throughout it all however we see the contrast between the affluent and the needy; pray always for equity and justice. 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finished with the Concrete 0 comments

What a delight to know that we've finished with the concrete and heavy lifting. As of this afternoon approximately 1,500 2.5 gallon pails of concrete were lifted to the 3rd story roof. Another 150 pails of finishing material will complete the project set out for this team. Other than a few scrapes and some sore muscles we are all feeling good. Praise God.

Because of the progress, we've been invited to join the senior high students on a neighborhood clinic on Friday, where with the assistance of a major company, the school teaches hygiene and other matters of personal care. 

Attached are a few pictures of todays efforts; enjoy. Tomorrow we haul debris back down, and look forward to the law of gravity helping us.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Everybody loves Chinese Food!: A Recap of our first three days 1 comment


The Parkland Team has enjoyed an amazing 3 days; Work, worship, great chinese  food ???, sight seeing and more work have filled the 1st 3 days. The weather is pleasant and we are all in good health. It's such a blessing to see friends we've made and the new friends we're making, praise God.

Enjoy the pictures, we'll be sending a few more.


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Friday, February 13, 2015

We have arrived! 0 comments