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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Completo!!! 0 comments

Our Team:

What a great week - following one final day of work and a 1/2 day visiting other schools, we're all safe at home again, thanks be to God.  The team completed parging of all 6 upstairs classrooms.

Vsiting other COCREF Schools is always a highlight of a HANDS trip... it's truly amazing the initiative, vision and faith that can be seen at both La Esperanza and the other campuses.  Because of the National Holiday, Friday was a PD and parent/teacher day at the schools we visited.  The first visit was to Renacer where amazing things continue to be done by the principal, and the community, long after the HANDS Teams are gone.  Rooms were renovated and retro-fitted, additional decorating was undertaken; all through community planning, fundraising and initiative.  The pride and ownership at the school, it's potential and it's legacy is real, and for us was a blessing to see and experience, God is so Good!

The next visit was to Nueva Creacion de Fe school where a central Alberta team worked several years ago; it was heartening to see it completed and fully functioning in spite of the "cramped" environment.  The principal commented her prayer is that God will bring a roof for the 3rd floor playground - this blogger believes He will.

Thanks for following, and for the comments, encouragement and prayers.  Until next time;

The Parkland Team


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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Los Dos Dias Pasados 5 comments

Okay, it's 10:15 here and the last couple days need to be blogged about - yikes! We skipped blogging last night because we got caught in Santo Domingo rush hour again coming back from the beach and were too tired to do much but head to bed after a late supper!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slow Start, but Good Day 4 comments

Had a little unexpected delay this morning when one of the tires blew on our driver's van. After an attempted repair here at the Center, a replacement was acquired at the shop down the road. Things at the jobsite seemed to progress a bit more slowly today, but in the end, the internal walls of the first three rooms were finished. It was another hot afternoon, but the shoveling, sifting, mixing and parging carried on apace. More fun and conversations are happening with the local workers; especially the mezcla-mixers, Henry and Jose, have developed a silly and symbiotic relationship!

Freshly cleaned clothes on the lines, cleansing showers, and a scrumptious supper of 'sancocho' greeted us upon return to the Center at the end of the day. Some of us then took advantage of a lift from local friends Billy, Nicole, and Guido to make another visit to Carrefour, a nearby shopping center, for a few more purchases and treats. A later-than-usual team wrap-up/devotional session following a brief moment of panic when Michele couldn't locate her purse (a quick run to Billy & Nicole's place brought relief when the item was thankfully discovered in the back seat!)

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dia del Trabajo 3 comments

Today dawned bright, sunny, and hot! We began our second day of work, this time with the kids present in their classrooms. There was a lot more sifting, shoveling, and hauling of sand, rocks, and cement.

Today, however, we used a piece of rebar with a hook to haul the buckets of cement to the second story.We would hook the full buckets to the rebar and it would get pulled up to the second floor where the buckets would be emptied and then passed back down.

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