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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Going home 0 comments

Our Team:

Our trip home was long because of a lengthy lay over in Miami but we travelled without any complications and all arrived home safely.  Now we need time to reflect and digest on all we have learned and see what God wants us to learn from this experience.  How can we use what we have experienced and learned here at home. 

Thank you for your support

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 9 1 comment

This morning we left early to travel north to a land bank that has been started by CRWRC and other organizations started in the mountain area of Nicaragua.  This is a system where a group of families are given money to start their own farm.  They have to pay back the loan in 10 years.  The have a model farm where they learn how to grow different crops, raise animals, renew the soil etc.  Edu deo got involved here and built a school.  There is one teacher for grades 1 - 6.  She has 26 students.  There is a pre-school area that has an 18 year old girl as the teacher.  She is still continuing her studies.  We had to take 4x4 trucks to get up the mud roads and go through the rivers.  Most of the team stood in the backs of the trucks.  This was an amazing experience; meeting the teacher, students, farmers and some of the families.

We then travelled to a waterfall.  Some of us went around behind the falls while others just sat and enjoyed the beauty.

Today we were all amazed at the wonder of God's creation.

Back in Mangua we packed our backs and spent some time defriefing. We were joined by Dave Steenstra who shared with us what was done with the land banks in Nicaragua.

God has blessed us richly on this trip.  Every time there was a downpour we were under cover.  We did not have any accidents and no conflicts.  Praise God for His faithfulness.

Tomorrow morning we leave early to head back to Canada.

P.S. Last night we lost internet connection so were unable to load pictures.  They have now been loaded.



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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 8 4 comments

Today was our last day at work. This morning like every morning the cows wander by on their way to pasture and check us out. We continued carrying gravel into the classrooms to level them and we completed the trench except for the small area that we had to keep on crossing with the wheelbarrow. At the end of the day we took a picture with our new best friends the wheelbarrows, shovels and picks.


At lunch time the site foreman invited us for lunch. He went out and bought us all a steak lunch. We were very surprised. The workers were working in the same vicinity as we were today so we were able to talk to them and joke with them. They enjoyed the interaction as much as we did. Their work is amazing; they are very particular about how straight everything is. Yet they work with wood to level and smooth and bent re-bar as clamps. They make many of their own tools.


This evening we are spending some time at the home of Jeff and Marilyn Greenway who are missionaries with Young Life here and Carey Franklin boards with them. It is a real treat to be in a home to have our coffee.


We have worked hard but we have also been spoiled and treated very well. God has blessed us abundantly. It is wonderful to see how God is working through other individuals here in Nicaragua.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 7 1 comment

We left Managua at 8:00 this morning to return to Matagalpa. We stopped by the Cathedral and then had lunch and headed to the work site. The team from Rochester, NY has gone home so it was much quieter at the work site. We continued to dig out the trench that they had started outside the building for the cement footings may be poured for the walk around the school. A foot of gravel was placed into one the classroom. We completed the room partly because for a few loads the front end loader stayed at let us shovel right into the wheelbarrow.

Unfortunately a few team members are still battling diarrhea so had to stay behind. Please pray for recover.

Before we left the Nehemiah Center this morning a 3 wheel car appeared to make a delivery. These cars are very popular here. We decided to see if we could get all of the team members in. We had to do it Nicaraguan style with some standing on the side board.

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