October 26, 2015

One week in Belize...

Never2Late HANDS Team:

The first workday of the week has arrived.
When we come down in the dining room, we notice that there is no air movement, the temperature is even more humid than other days.
Today we were going to visit the PDS school in Christo Rey, the same place we had been visiting on Sunday for our church visit.
The van must have liked the heat, for it started in one turn.
We arrived very early in the morning for the assembly, where a blessing was asked for the coming week. We again were welcomed as brothers and sisters from Canada.
A video was shown, a portion from the Bible read, the national anthem sung, and students left for their classes.
The principal Miguel Medina, then explained to us that their was no government funding for this school due to an original agreement to operate without ever requesting assistance. The fee is $20 per student, per month. Many parents who have never attended a church service,choose to send their children to this school even though there is a fee free public school in the same village. The school was truly thankful to be blessed by this, but they do experience issues in collecting the school fees.
Often, there aren't any funds available to pay the teachers salaries. But the Lord has always provided!!
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart"....
We viewed several of the school buildings and were told that Edu Deo had been instrumental in building several of classrooms!
An organized enthusiastic team of teachers, one is even a volunteer, commanding our respect, and again we were humbled by the way they worked with so few supplies. One could be jealous by the way these teachers did their duty!
It was too hot today to be active, so the Mark decided that after lunch we would drive back to our hotel.
While driving "home" we wondered if the wealth we are accustomed to is a curse or a blessing?......We now know that we have received this wealth to share it with other believers!!
Back home, some of us still had to deal with the stings of the fire ants. The pain they cause is unbelievable, the itch after is enough to drive one mad!!
Some of the team went to their air conditioned rooms, others went to the school in Conception to touch base with the students and check on the progress of the tiling of the additional room. A good afternoon of fellowship and discussion.  
At supper time the team members reported that the tiling had been finished by the crew and that even the additional goals set had been reached.
"The Lord has promised good to me, His Word my hope secures, He will my shield and portion be, As long as life endures."



Oct 29, 2015 at 10:35 am

Thanks for sharing this last post, team. Today is the day you fly home and I'm sure you are all reflecting on the past 10 days.

Something that you said in this post really struck me...

"While driving "home" we wondered if the wealth we are accustomed to is a curse or a blessing?......We now know that we have received this wealth to share it with other believers!"

I pray that as you travel home, the Lord would begin to speak to your hearts. It's true that you are all coming back to a very different life than what you've just experienced in Belize. How will this experience shape the way you lead your lives back in Canada?

I've loved reading about your trip and can't wait to connect with you all soon!

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