October 24, 2015

Lamanai Archaeological Reserve

Never2Late HANDS Team:

A quietness was over town,when we woke up this morning.
No bells ringing to wake up its inhabitants, no noisy garbage trucks  and even the dogs were quiet.But there was a beautiful sunrise to admire!

We prepared ourselves for a day of excitement, for we had planned for a visit to Lamanai, an Unesco Heritage Site, where we would see the Mayen tombs!
An hours' drive through the lush and flowering country and after the van was parked, the river came in view.
We boarded the boat,  and off we went.
Beautiful scenery and plants, a monkey to feed, strange plants and trees and we saw all the glory of Gods'creation.
The ride was such an enjoyment, wind in our hair and no sticky clothes.

It took an hour to arrive at the site, where we were treated to a wonderful lunch.
And off we went, following our gifted guide who took the time to treat us to his proud stories.
The tombs had been built, using hewn stones, huge!!
How were they able to get them there, highup? 
The carvings were impressive and huge too!,
The walk was quite enjoyable, through the jungle and out of the hot sunshine, but an army of hungry mosquitoes, used us for their bloodsupply!,
Some of us climbed up onto the top, where we experienced the magnificent view over the area,.Even the oldies managed to get up,and were cheered on.
But everybody was happy to board the boat again, to dry up and rest.
When we arrived at the dock the guide excused himself, for giving us a bad hair day! 
We had a stop at a Mennonite icecream parlour and enjoyed the cold safe to eat treat!!

Back home, where a wonderful cold shower waited us to remove all the sweat, grime and mosquito spray.
Our meal was served again, and after devotions, we visited an 
"Art in the Park " festival, where we met with local artisans and the Belizian music.
What a beautiful country! What a wonderful treat it had been!!

It's God who made it all!!


Oct 26, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Looks like the cultural day was a great success. The ruins are such an interesting glimpse into a whole other world.

Praying for this upcoming week; may God continue to work in our team and prepare your hearts for your arrival home.

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