October 23, 2015

Calm before the storm...

Never2Late HANDS Team:

The humidity has led to quite a site this mornin. At our motel, in one of the ground floor rooms where we have met for devotions...after 20 years of behaving themselves...some of the tiles have now popped!

Preschool before school...The team was ready to leave early this morning for a visit of another christian school.

The van, that is rented for us, has been used for many years, and we always cheer, when it grumbling comes to life.
We arrive half an hour later at the preschool, where a cheerful teacher greets us.
The small children, shy and still curious, are playing with their toys.
They look at Dave with astonishment, they must have never seen such a tall man, so he kneels down and soon they happily interact with him.
Then the teacher, urges them to clean up..."clean up, clean up everybody do their share"
Chairs are now taken out and placed for the little ones and we enjoy their singing, their enthusiasm and the way this teacher is stimulating her students.
After a while they are sent outside to play on the swings and the slide that are set up for them.
How precious they are. May God bless you all!!

We leave the school and drive to our "own" school, where it is strangely quiet.The older grades are on their way to Belize city, where one of them, will compete in a spelling bee. The older grades all get to come along to cheer her on, 60 students, 4 teachers and 2 parent chaperones...all on 1 bus provided by the credit union who is the sponsor of the spelling bee head for 2 hours to Belize City. And now the primary grades are leaving too as Friday's are only half days!
The male team continues with their work.
The decision to tile the additional classroom requires the grade to be set and sand to be carried and placed on the floor.
It is so hot today, not much energy is left after three days of hard work. After lunch we leave, and some of us need to take a nap.

We board our bus, for now we are going to explore Corozal, the place where our "home"is located.
The townhall with a beautiful mural, that informs us of the history of Belize and after that, we visit a cultural centre where we get more information about this proud and beautiful country!
We walk to the pier, where passengers are waiting for the ferry, and enjoy the cool breeze.
Mark drives us to the local church where we visit with the minister.

Time to go home now, where we enjoy the supper meal that is set out for us!
After devotions, a thankful and tired team decides to retire early!

Let everything that lives, praise the Lord!!


Oct 24, 2015 at 9:10 am

Way to go team! Praying for your continued health and safety for the rest of the trip!

To Allard
Oct 24, 2015 at 1:13 pm

Hello Allard.

Great to see you take part in all the activities.The heat, mentioned in the blog reminds me of Haiti when I was there. Never drank so much water in my life!

Everything is fine here. Fly Rd. coming over for supper tonight.

Enjoy the fellowship, especially with the locals and have a blessed Sunday!

Love, Dad & Mom.

Oct 25, 2015 at 8:52 am

Glad to see you went to the pre-school we worked on a few years ago! Love the little kids and glad to see their wonderful teacher miss Ladie is still there. Hope that you are being blessed while being a blessing!

Jacob and Gerdi Cappon
Oct 25, 2015 at 10:32 pm

Well well, you two sure snuck out quietly. I happened to phone you and Heidi answered and told me about your adventure. Sorry that it is so hot, that must be unpleasant. Still don,t have an idea what your are doing there, it sounds like some kind of building work?

What I phoned about Katie is that in going through all my still unpainted wood pieces I came upon a smallish cubboare suiteable for hanging on the wall and for instance keeping spices in.

Suddenly it occurred to me that you gave me that years ago for me to do some painting on. I'm thinking, also re: the Friesian connection, to paint it in Hidelopen style and if that is OK make the insert a different colour than the area around it and then with some Hindeloopen motifs on it. We'll talk about it later but you can start thinking.Hope the rest of your stay will be nice, maybe a bit les heat?

God bless, have a safe trip home. Love, Jake AND Gerdi. We'll discuss the donation

aspect soon.

Oct 26, 2015 at 12:13 pm

I love seeing all the pictures of your team interacting with the students and teachers in the classroom. That's where it's happening! Glad that you are all joining in on the action

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