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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Till we meet again... 0 comments

Our Team:

This being our last day of being able to visit with the school, we have decided to prepare for our farewell presentation! A song to sing in rounds with the students, a slideshow that deals with Canada as well as Belize and a short video that shows the unity we have in Christ...and for the closing of the program....the singing our national anthem.
We arrive at the school just before lunch where we meet with the ladies, who for the duration of our stay have prepared our tasty food.
The students bring their chairs to the assembly room and gather outside for the team-school picture.  Afterwards we listen to their singing and the reciting prayer.  We bring our presentations, we sing together our songs of praise and our "O Canada".  They want to show us their dances and songs. Altogether we feel one with children and teachers. Principal Christian Cobos ends with a word of thanks and gratitude to our team and also makes presentations of gifts for the team. She also presents our team leader with a certificate of recognition and appreciation to Hands Team "Never2Late" 2015. Christian finishes her words with an explanation that Belizians don't say "Goodbye"...they say "Till we meet again"!
Farewell...all of you...our brothers and sisters, may God bless you all and keep you in His care.  We came here to give and help, but we go home with an abundance of gifts coming from your loving hearts.
We sing together "10 000 Reasons" As we are hugged by students and teachers, we are all humbled with their show of love for us!
School is over, students dismissed but before we leave there is time to socialize with the staff, then time yet for the last pictures to be taken as staff and team...a bittersweet farewell. We recognize as our time with this school and trip comes to an end we will soon be reunited with our families...
At home we refresh ourselves and enjoy our last meal prepared for us by Christian's mom and church.  Some presents are presented and we realize that packing time has arrived.
Our devotions are about the praise we are to give to our Father.
"Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us.  That we should be called the children of God..."

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My rock and my redeemer 1 comment

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer", was the message the students of the Cornerstone Presbyterian Highschool, received this morning.
We arrived before 8 o'clock to attend their assembly. Welcomed by the vice principal and students, we enjoyed and were also able to participate in their praise songs. 
A teacher explained to them, how important it is to think, before our tongue forms the words we are going to speak! Words can lift you up and bring you down and both ways can make a deep impression on the person you talk to.
The students were dismissed for class and we were invited to join them by the principal Mr. Albert Zanting. 
We were very impressed with the beautiful school building and the well kept grounds. EduDeo has left their fingerprints here as well!
The educational level was impressive and the students' participation was excellent!
We had to leave at 10 o'clock to be able to realize the plans for this day. A visit to Mennonite chicken processing plant and a co-op rice & soybean mill.
We drove through scenic Belize and enjoyed the landscape, but were happy to arrive at our destination. We stopped at a Mennonite restaurant for a bite. Bert ordered a vernekje, it sounded bad, but the taste was ok.
Following lunch, it was a short drive to  Circle R Co-op, where we received a very enlightening presentation about the processing and packaging of rice as well as soybeans! This trip was on the request of George, who visibly loved to see the whole operation.
We moved on to the Caribbean Chicken processing plant, where we all were donned in protective gear looking like medical staff ready to operate.
Lots of pictures were taken and in we went to watch in reverse order, from the final product to the first stage of live chickens. We all were impressed with how hygiene was maintained.
Time to drive home,  stopping on our way back at the ice cream parlor in Orange Walk. Dinner was waiting for us the principals' house once again!
And while we drove home, we noticed the cloud formation, the bright big orange moon and the beauty of it all! God's ever-present hand in our lives...
Truly, the heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaim his handy work!!
We met again after showers for devotions and brought the incredible sights of this night to a close. 

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Monday, October 26, 2015

One week in Belize... 1 comment

The first workday of the week has arrived.
When we come down in the dining room, we notice that there is no air movement, the temperature is even more humid than other days.
Today we were going to visit the PDS school in Christo Rey, the same place we had been visiting on Sunday for our church visit.
The van must have liked the heat, for it started in one turn.
We arrived very early in the morning for the assembly, where a blessing was asked for the coming week. We again were welcomed as brothers and sisters from Canada.
A video was shown, a portion from the Bible read, the national anthem sung, and students left for their classes.
The principal Miguel Medina, then explained to us that their was no government funding for this school due to an original agreement to operate without ever requesting assistance. The fee is $20 per student, per month. Many parents who have never attended a church service,choose to send their children to this school even though there is a fee free public school in the same village. The school was truly thankful to be blessed by this, but they do experience issues in collecting the school fees.
Often, there aren't any funds available to pay the teachers salaries. But the Lord has always provided!!
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart"....
We viewed several of the school buildings and were told that Edu Deo had been instrumental in building several of classrooms!
An organized enthusiastic team of teachers, one is even a volunteer, commanding our respect, and again we were humbled by the way they worked with so few supplies. One could be jealous by the way these teachers did their duty!
It was too hot today to be active, so the Mark decided that after lunch we would drive back to our hotel.
While driving "home" we wondered if the wealth we are accustomed to is a curse or a blessing?......We now know that we have received this wealth to share it with other believers!!
Back home, some of us still had to deal with the stings of the fire ants. The pain they cause is unbelievable, the itch after is enough to drive one mad!!
Some of the team went to their air conditioned rooms, others went to the school in Conception to touch base with the students and check on the progress of the tiling of the additional room. A good afternoon of fellowship and discussion.  
At supper time the team members reported that the tiling had been finished by the crew and that even the additional goals set had been reached.
"The Lord has promised good to me, His Word my hope secures, He will my shield and portion be, As long as life endures."


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Sunday, October 25, 2015

This is the day that the Lord has made... 0 comments

Early in the morning, we sing our song to thee....

Breakfast at the same time as always, but the team, dressed in their Sunday best, was in no hurry!
We left for church an hour later, and drove for half an hour, before we reached the small, simple building of the Presbyteran Church.

The minister was serving in another mission congregation,but a teacher, welcomed us warmly, while we sat down in the pews. We joined a  small congregation, of about 60 members
A spanish speaking community,so she had to translate whatever was being announced.
We sang our songs of praise, greeted everyone with a hand shake, and after more singing and Bible reading, all children left for their Bible instruction lesson!
In our group, Henny told her "David and Goliath" story to these children, and had them write down, the text, where David spoke to Goliath.
Words of great trust, where he showed his faith in the Lord!
We joined the congregation again, and after singing and the blessing, we left for lunch and coffee!

I haven't said too much about the way, the principal of the school, together with her mother and sisters, every lunch and dinner time, comes down. They bring a terrific meal, prepared at home, and served to us in the school, or in "our hotel".
The variety an the presentation of the food, is wonderful, and the team eats the meals with gusto! 
Today, as a real treat, we also get a piece of lemonpie!

We now leave for the hotel, anb enjoy a time of rest, whereafter some of us go for a walk along the promenade.
This is Corozal for the tourists, and also the locals enjoy the breeze and the coolness of the water!

We board our van again, and this time are greeted by the minister!
Songs of praise, in spanish as well in english, we sing,together with a youthgroup struggling with the pronunciation.We feel at home with these brothers and sisters.

The bible portion is being read, taking turns in reading a  verse by the minister...,the congregation in spanish. ..and the canadians, in english!

It is late in the afternoon, mosquito time, here in Belize.
They arrive in swarms, and soon. while the Word is being preached the slapping  and killing of the pests, can be heard.throughout the building!!
We have prepared ourselves, and are not too much bothered by it.
The minister talks about temptation, and a translator, does an impressive job, by bringing it across to us!
More singing, the collection, announcements, and the blessing!
Just like it is done at home.
We bid our frewell and feel blessed and honoured, to be allowed to have shared this day with other Christians.for we all know, 
"In Christ, their is no East or West, in Him no North or South......
One world is in His Word "
Not being allowed to walk in the dark, because of the many wild dogs in the van we go and enjoy another good meal in the home of the school principal!!

"I will lift your Name on high

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