April 8, 2016

Homeward bound.

Neerlandia 2k16 HANDS Team:

We have all arrived home safely........ oops, what happened to yesterday's blog?

WYAT where is the blog?   He said he was to tired to write it.

April 6 we got up at our usual time, 7:00, and had our last breakfast there, French Toast, sausages, papaya and  orange juice, YUMMY!! Today was a sad day as we had to say good bye to our chaperon "Billy". He was a fantastic chaperon and great to be with. We left for the airport at around 9:45 to get there on time for our flight, only to be told we have an extra hour to wait for our plane.  We talked a bit about our journey and what it did to them.   Newark, New Jersey.... Here we come!!  Knowing we had a 12 hour layover Mr. Hooimeyer suggested we visit the Empire State Building.  There were no objections.  What a sight is was.  I am sure the kids will tell you all about it.  After our meal at Wendy's we headed to our hotel in style.  A limo took us all the way to our hotel for the same price as it would cost us for a bus. What a way to end a trip.  We arrived at the hotel at 11:30pm and left for the airport at 4:00am on April 7th.

We have been so blessed on this trip.  We went there not knowing what to expect and left there with new freindships and open eyes.  What a blessing it was to see the joy these people have in what little they have.  They are filled with the Holy Spirit and love to share it with us. I will sign off by asking all of you to please keep these people in your hearts and prayers. Our chaperon mentioned to me that if it was not for the volunteers that go there to help build it would take them far to long to finish a project.  I have been touched in so many ways. God was with us at all times and we saw that by how He led the way for us.  The students were fantastic and worked so well together.   Experiencing this was an eye opener for me and I am looking forward to my next trip there.

God bless you all.


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