April 5, 2016

Our last day.

Neerlandia 2k16 HANDS Team:

Our last day here in the DR.

 It feels like we have made a family here in the DR, everyone we have met made us feel so welcome, be it in the school or the community. Our tour guide, Billy as we call him, is one for adventure and for helping the poor and needy. He is truly a great man, most of us wish to stay longer and enjoy the city and people more.

We woke up to a great breakfast and prayer. When breakfast was finished we went on a tour to visit some schools. The first school had approx.150 students, and it was an amazing school. The students were kind and nice. Travis stayed with some of the students and drew pictures with them, while the rest of us toured the classes.

The next school we went to was Belen, the school we were building.  The kids were happy to see us and we were happy to see them. Koda, Kira, Arianne and Rae-Lynn were happy to see them before we left and Julian was taking selfies with everyone. The rest of us were just hanging around.

We stopped to take a break and to get some lunch, as well as visited the Caribbean Sea.  We all wanted to go cliff diving, but we were not allowed so we ate lunch instead.

When we went off to the last school, there was an English speaking teacher there so she took some of the translating off of Billy’s back. Billy still helped her translate a few words. We sat and talked about the school and all the projects that the school was involved in, and how the school was established. It was a lot of talking, and we drifted off a bit. After the long talk the female translator showed us the classrooms and explained what happened in the classroom.

As we walked back to the van we decided to go back to the camp and relax for a few hours, take a nap and after that go to a pizza restaurant. There were 4 different sorts of pizzas and we all ate a lot. I had 9 pieces and could have eaten 14 (so he thinks) but the other people needed to eat too so I stopped. After we prayed, a great speech was given to us by Guillermo I almost cried like a little baby. The principal of Belen school, as well as his wife, also joined us on this supper event and their baby was moved between all of us.  We all wanted to hold the cute little baby. We left the restaurant and took a lovely walk around town.



Karla-Maria Ponce
Apr 8, 2016 at 10:10 am


Thank you for your servant hearts during your time in the DR! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience that will stay in your hearts and minds for a long time.

Looking forward to hearing more from you in the days to come!

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