April 3, 2016

Our Sunday

Neerlandia 2k16 HANDS Team:

This morning we all woke up from our very sore sleeping (due to sunburns from being at the ocean, which was totally worth it) around 7 o’clock to get ready for church. Breakfast was at 7:30 and after that we left for church at 8:15. Church started at 9 and was done by around 10:30. It was definitely a different experience from what is normal for us. Nonetheless it was still a great experience and it is great to see that people all over the world have a love for the gospel. After church we took pictures with some of the congregation members. Apparently I was some white chocolate because all the girls wanted to take pictures with me. I guess wearing my tie in the hot weather was worth it. After we left the church we went back to camp to change and eat a bit. We also changed into more comfortable clothes and piled into the van to go sightseeing. We drove to downtown Santo Domingo to visit the Colonial district. That’s where Chris Columbus himself landed in 1492 (although he is not a very liked person here). We saw some sick castles and also visited the Dominican Panteon. That’s where all the country’s heroes are buried. After some sightseeing we drove back to camp and did some swimming before supper. After supper some of us played basketball so we could get nice and warm before we went in the pool. Right now people are in the pool and I’m writing this blog post. So I’m going to say adios and hit the pool.



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