March 31, 2016

exciting day with the students.

Neerlandia 2k16 HANDS Team:

The girls once again beat the boys out of bed. Arianne, Koda, and I didn’t get out of bed till 7, which is when breakfast is supposed to start.  We got to the tables five minutes later and the boys were still getting ready! Breakfast was once again delicious, however Julian is extremely disappointed that there is no milk. Around 8 we headed to the job site, when we got there we started moving concrete in our “simple line” as Billy calls it, which is known as an assembly.  Today was definitely a very special day! When we had nothing to do, just after 11 we walked to the church where the students are having classes. When the kids saw us in the window they started cheering. Billy encouraged us to sit in between the kids and try communicate with them. Arianne, Koda, and I sat together by grade 2-4 and a lady came to help us talk to the kids. She was lots of fun and said she wants to take a selfie with us tomorrow when she actually looks good. We told the kids our names and they told us theirs. I am not sure who started it but soon all the kids were coming to us and wanted us to write our names on a paper. Lunch was really good once again, we went back to work and continued working in a “simple line.”  Some local kids came and helped us, so that was pretty cool to be able to work with them. When work was done we came back to camp, we all showered and then went to the super market and got to spend pesos for the first time, it was quite different walking around because everyone was staring at us. By six we were back at camp and had supper which had a lot of rice as usual!! Everyone is getting red and beginning to get a tan. No one is suffering ill effects from anything so far. We thank God for the wonderful time that we are all having! We ended the night with singing and then some games.



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