March 30, 2016

Our first day at work.

Neerlandia 2k16 HANDS Team:

We woke up to our alarm clocks at 7:00 to have breakfast. We had pancakes and cantaloupe. Once we were done our delicious breakfast we got ready for our first day working at the jobsite. The drive is around 50 minutes from where we are staying. Once we arrived there we went to the church where children from the school were being taught. We were welcomed with open arms. The band played some songs for us and they sounded awesome. Once we interacted with the children we went to the jobsite where we met men who were already working there. We started with moving dirt out of the school area to the side walk and did that all day. We had to take many breaks because we are not used to the hot and humid weather and we started to sweat lots. At lunch we went to the church where we were served food. We had so many options and they were all delicious. Once we returned to the school with filled stomachs, we played checkers with some of the workers. We lost every game. We started to work but Julian continued to play checkers with a local boy. Once he lost, Julian was looking for work, so I swapped with him and challenged this boy to checkers. This was the worst decision I could possibly make because this boy showed no mercy. Once I lost I returned and continued to shovel dirt. Soon we packed up to leave home where we all jumped into the pool which was very refreshing. We had supper which was very good and we finished off the day with playing basketball and card games.



Karla-Maria Ponce
Mar 31, 2016 at 12:39 pm

Sounds like your bodies are slow adjusting to the heat in the DR. Make sure your drinking plenty of water while you work in the heat!

And I love reading about how you are interacting and playing games with the worker. Its a great way to start building some relationships!

Tara Tiggelaar
Mar 31, 2016 at 2:13 pm

Sounds like so much fun!!! Thank you for the blog posts, they are awesome to read:)

Savor it!

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