March 30, 2015

Final Days

Nanaimo 2015 HANDS Team:

Final Days…

On Sunday we started the very painful goodbye process. At church they thanked us for the work that we have done and for how we played with the kids and young adults. Nathan and Evan collected coconuts to play bocce ball, but before we made them able to play with we ate the lunchin. After lunch we practiced our singing voices in the church so that our evening worship service would be cool, and we could sound decent. After the heat of the day had passed Nathan, Evan, Matthew and Ashley played bocce ball with some of the kids, and the others were playing soccer (Benjamin and Sam).


When Monday came, we got to play a really fun game of soccer in the morning with the church, and Benjamin scored three points, everyone was super proud of how awesome he is, and that he has such a great tan. After the soccer, both teams dispersed and enjoyed some very cold water, as this morning was quite hot, and frankly, humid is an understatement.

After that we all began to pack our bags and clean up the house, as I know that we would feel really bad for Dorothy (the lady hosting us) as she has worked so hard to be hospitable and meet all of our daily necessities to the best of her ability.

We then got to have lunch at the Cook’s (a church friendly family, and close friend of Dorothy’s) where we got to experience real Belizean tacos made with corn tortillas. The man of that house also came back after a long bike ride later in the day and showed us how to cut up fresh sugar cane with a machete, and boy, was it delicious.

Shortly after experiencing the taste of sugar cane, we all wanted to play with the kids one last time, so we decided to have a war… a water war. Benjamin, Ashley, and Sam, along with all the neighbourhood kids who wanted to get soaked all bought some birthday balloons and threw them around, and when we ran out of balloons, we just filled up big cooking bowls with water and dumped them on each other.

Now as the night continues, we are all heading out to go on a goodbye walk with a few of the older guys, and a few of the kids. We are all sad and anxious to have to leave, and I know that tonight and tomorrow morning will be tough for all of us {prayers would be appreciated} I hope that the next many hours go as smoothly as possible.


Mar 30, 2015 at 11:18 pm

Hello. I've been waiting to hear about the last few days. It sounds like you all made some very special connections with the kids and people around you. As you head home tomorrow please know that you are in my prayers.

PS Samantha your ride will be waiting for you in Victoria. XO mom and dad.

Mar 31, 2015 at 1:38 am

We are praying for you all

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