March 23, 2015

Collaboration in Belize

Nanaimo 2015 HANDS Team:

Day 3 by Nathan collaborative with Sebastian, Matthew, Ashley and Mr. Degreef

T’was 7 am on a fine Monday morn and all the students were all very warn. All snug in our beds or perhaps a hammock to get out would cause quite a panic. But we had to get up for the long day ahead we could not spend it asleep in a bed. With a meal in our bellies we head to the school trying to stay in the shade so we could be cool. We arrived at the school not knowing what to do then some kind gents gave us a clue. Climbing the stairs with no rail to be found if you get too close to the edge you’ll fall to the ground. We worked and worked we toiled and sweat we mixed the concrete until it was wet. Into the buckets the concrete went, and then up the ladder the buckets were sent. As the task was completed we all felt defeated, so we decided to rest ... with murphy the cat, we felt much better after we gave him a pat. We walked down the street and got coke from the shack, we weren’t getting drugs just stopped for a snack. As we arrived at the field where the kids like to play, we visited the class on this fine school day. We played some of this and we played some of that, until our sweat soaked through the hat. We went back to work to clean up our site, against the sun we began our long fight. As our site was swept clean and the wood pile diminished we looked at our site and knew we were finished. When the concrete was stable we found the kids at the table. So we played with the kids again in the sun, we didn’t seem to mind we were all having fun. We played until we were called in for food, we sat down all in a really good mood. After supper we decided to write on our blog for all you dedicated readers, and it all had to rhyme except the second last line.


Mar 24, 2015 at 11:32 pm

Brillant!!! I'm very glad you didn't stop to do drugs!

Mar 25, 2015 at 1:01 pm

Sorry, this message is a little late. I seemed to have had computer troubles. Loved your post Nathan. You all sound like you're having an amazing time.

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