January 29, 2014

School visits

Kitchener HANDS Team:

There is no working today.  It is our last full day here in the Dominican.  We ate a late breakfast and then hit the road to visit some of COCREF's schools around the country.  Victor and Guillermo, one of the EduDeo staff, accompanied us.  We visited two schools: Apocalipsis Christian School in Batey Bermejo and the other Miriam Christian School in Santa Alicia.  The first school seemed even better than La Esperanza.  The reason why that school had better supplies was because it was partly government funded.  But they were in need of a better kitchen facility to prepare food that the government provides for the children.  We also found out that the students there had received Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  That was a connection to our group because Peter and Minnie Herfst volunteer at the Kitchener processing plant.

The second school, Miriam Christian School, was the smallest that is run by COCREF.  The need for the school came because the next closest school is 10 Kilometers, and the small children can not handle walking that far.  The school is only for grades K-2.  After grade 2 the students walk to the other school and get the rest of their education there.  The one teacher had three requests: to have a bathroom built closer to the school building, to have a basketball and a volleyball for the courts they have, and to have the foundation for the school building made out of blocks so that there is no water seepage into the wood when it rains.  The class sang a song for us and Leah handed out stickers and bubbles.

We were driven past the ocean and ate lunch at a Chinese food restaurant.  Then we dropped Guillermo off by the ministry center.  We stood on a beach and then had pizza for dinner at "Pizzarella".  We were driven home and then chatted with a couple from Goderich (Kramer) here for a ten-day tour of Dominican churches and schools.  When a new church was constructed in Goderich, their congregation tithed money to build churches in the D.R.  They came to see the four buildings that resulted from that donation and will report back to their home church later.


Jan 29, 2014 at 11:37 pm

Safe travels home, HANDS team.

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