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Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Our Team:

It seems so long ago that we began thinking about and planning for another short term mission trip and yet here we are safe  and sound back in our own environment with the luxuries of many blessings that have been bestowed on us, hot showers, comfortable furniture and a warm home despite the cold Canadian winter we are having. Was our trip to Dominican Republic a success? I would have to say a resounding yes! but with a roller coaster effect,—feelings of emotions from tears to laugher, from despair to hope, sights of affluence to the poorest of the poor and the joy of brothers and sisters who know the love of Jesus Christ.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The trip home 0 comments

This morning after breakfast and our devotions discussing the week, Victor took us to see two more schools - ones that have been sucessful and have grown by the help of Edu Deo and HANDS.  The first school we visited was San Pablo Christian School.  The principal there was very cheerful while showing us around.  We saw grades 5-8 there for the morning shift.  The little ones come in the afternoons.  Like all of the schools, there is a desire to have all of the students come in one shift rather than two.  There is always room to grow, and this school is also wanting a second storey to be built so that they can have only one shift and have more students.  

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

School visits 1 comment

There is no working today.  It is our last full day here in the Dominican.  We ate a late breakfast and then hit the road to visit some of COCREF's schools around the country.  Victor and Guillermo, one of the EduDeo staff, accompanied us.  We visited two schools: Apocalipsis Christian School in Batey Bermejo and the other Miriam Christian School in Santa Alicia.  The first school seemed even better than La Esperanza.  The reason why that school had better supplies was because it was partly government funded.  But they were in need of a better kitchen facility to prepare food that the government provides for the children.  We also found out that the students there had received Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  That was a connection to our group because Peter and Minnie Herfst volunteer at the Kitchener processing plant.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 8: Final work day 2 comments

Our day began with a breakfast at 7.  We drove to the work site for some more concrete work, this time in Daniel’s silver van.  It took a while to get going because rebar had to be put in the molds.  Then we began to pour.  The process was very quick because the concrete was being mixed right below where we were pouring it.  The smallest children from the school had prepared some songs for us and they gave each person on the team a decorated bottle.  They sang four songs, each one very loud.  They were Bible songs and melodies about school.  We visited also the grade 9 classroom which had 47 students.  They were very appreciative of our work because they are crowded right now.

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