December 15, 2011

Prayers, Praises and Thankfulness

Kitchener HANDS Team:

Back home again, it's been several days now, strange that I need time re-ajust,  get back into my Canadian routine and yet its only been 12 days, my wife says I'm always that way when I get back. Anybody else have those feelings? It was a great trip, so good to see a team gel together as one cohesive unit. I believe we were a blessing to the children of Unity Presbyterian School, the teachers, Ernest and Carolyn Betson. When I reflect on who gained more, I must admit that perhaps it is us, we will see each other during the week , and on Sundays to remind ourselves, to encourage each other on what we received from the Belizean children and parents we interacted with. We rest assured that God will continue the work there and in all parts of the world until His plan is complete but let us not forget to pray, pray and pray for Pastor Betson who has a grand vision with a tremendous work load, to much for one man, one couple. He is a man who utters " you are special and I love you" to almost everyone he meets, especially the children and I believe he does that because many of the children who come from broken/abusive homes where a kick or punch or a slap is the mentality. Much work is still needed.
   God is alive and well in Belize, we saw proof of that, His grace extends in every direction, we saw the power of prayer, the power of laying on of hands. Things we will never forget. Belizans are gratefully to the Canadian government for the support given, for the rebuilding help after severe storms, for the sewage systems and Can-Bel bridge which tied the city infrastructure together.
   There is something special when 12 - 13 people are together for an extended time, seven men in one small bedroom could have dire consequences but that did not happen. Working together, joking, teasing one another, playing games and sharing will give us a lasting responsibility to each other. From getting together early in the year planning, fundraising with many activities from leaf raking, serving at anniversary and wedding receptions, dinner for seniors and our congregation, all of these activities served to having successful service trip. We thank all those who supported us and helped us surpass our goal.
   However it was our evening devotion time that was a highlight for many us, something we know is so important but rarely take the time to do at home. Pastor Bernie and his wife, two team members, had prepared 10 devotions,"Faith That Works" based on various versus from James 1 to 5. Each night started with our overall impressions  of the day, what I noticed, what made me think or what challenged me and then we read the pertaining passage and discussed who it pertained to our day our life/situation.
A sample of the titles:
Day 1  Grins and Groans                 Day- 2  Sunburn and Son-shine     Day 3 Blisters and High Fives          Day 4 Backaches and Beauty         Day 5 Hurries and Hum-drum           Day 6 Paints and Pains
Day 7 Bruises and Blessings            Day 8 Aches & Hallelujahs             Day 9 Sweats & Sweets                    Day 10 Prayers & Praises  

Devotions ended with prayer and some songs It was good, thanks Bernie and Linda. Our nights usually ended with some card games, Five Crowns being the favourite.  Lastly we give thanks to staff of EduDeo Ministries, especially Tim Bootsma and Anita VanGeest who do so much to make all this work so well and smooth.
May all that we do be to the Glory and Honour of our Father in heaven


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