November 30, 2011

Last Working Day

Kitchener HANDS Team:

It's approx. 5am and there are small signs of a new day dawning. I sleep beside the door and I hear the creaking of a bed, someone starting to rise and sneaking quietly out of the room. It seems each day just before the sun begins to rise more of us are getting up to get a glimpse of the picturesque view from our host's home. Walking out onto a large victorian style porch,and looking out to the east, you can see the sparkling lights of the cruise ships anchored in the bay, sometimes as many as five with passengers ready to disembark for a day of exploring Belize City and surrounding area. It's 5:30 and the sparkling shadows of the sun are beginning to show on the water and with each passing minute one can see the wondrous creative hand of God as when he first created the heavens and the earth.
   The coffee is on, the kitchen is bustling with activity, whats on the menu----hard boiled eggs, creole bread, some left over bacon, peanut butter and jam. We're anticipating a heavy day, Harry has outlined the days objective and soon we head for the bus and we're off, with of course, a stop for water, ice and a stop at the local fruit market for our watermelon.
    By now each of us have found our grove, some starting with preparing more column forms, others removing forms from the last of the lintels poured the previous day, the gals continue with tying rebar, with each column needing 6 lengths of 5/8in. rebar tied in a 8 by 10 formation. Emmanuel, Omar and Luciano continue placing the forms for the columns, a dangerous undertaking as one person stands outside a small scaffold with one 12in board and the rest of us start mixing concrete which will be a continuous chore for the day.
   Our day, was wonderfully interrupted with a surprise invitation for all of us to come to the church, were we were greeted by all the children and teachers of the school. This was a complete surprise as we had no inkling that they were preparing a thank you and good-by ceremony. Principal, Carolyn Betson, thanked us for coming, a special card was given to the team from the pre-school kids and each class came up and gave hand made cards to all of us, all with much hugging, laughing and just enjoying each other. It concluded with a small choral singing, " Lean on Me when you'r not strong". Its been said many times, the eyes and infectious smiles of the kids, make it all worthwhile. God is good and faithful and we trust that He will continue to bless the work of the staff and the Betson's
    At the end of the day 4 columns are poured, we clean up the site and as we drive back we reflect on what we accomplished and experienced and although much was done our feelings and inner thoughts were bitter sweet as we only have one day left, here in Belize---- but it will be a great day!


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