November 29, 2011

November 29 - Aches & Hallelujahs

Kitchener HANDS Team:

Tuesday November 29 has brought us back the typical Belizean weather we have come to enjoy and appreciate.  The sun is back.....and by the time we are done loading the daily water supply and ourselves on the school bus we are bemoaning the fact that it is hot. the time we start our work.....God has provided a cool soothing breeze to sustain us.  Providence! every other day....Pastor Bernie has beaten all of us (and the sun) out of bed.  It sure is great to be able to head straight to the coffee pot when we get enjoy some of his special Belizean brew.  After a wonderful handcrafted breakfast we are on the way to the worksite.  There is a short pit stop today.....a local farmers market for some fresh fruit (and 1 extremely hot pepper) for lunch.  As we arrive at the a well oiled machine..... we begin unloading and setting up for the day ahead.  Although we are all different ages and capabilities.....this crew from CCRC is turning into a seasoned constructor.  The work today consists of forming and pouring window lintels, shuttling materials by hand from the ground up to the second storey, cutting, bending, and tying re-bar, cleaning and tidying all areas of the site, mixing concrete, and the carpentry crew is busily preparing forms for the main support columns.  The forming and pouring of the main support columns of the back school wall is the last of the big tasks that we are hoping to finish.  Sandra K. has joined us at the work site again today......and appears to be feeling back to normal.  (We can tell by the fact that she is outworking all of us today.)  During our lunch break today some of the crew goes next door to see Oscar.....a local artisan and woodworker (who doubles as the church and school janitor) to view his products and briefly watch him ply his trade.  Some (or maybe all) of us will be bringing a piece of his handiwork back home with us.  At the end of the day we have achieved the goals for the day and also have 1 formed column ready for concrete tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be our last work day at the site, albeit a large and heavy our hosts have decided to take us on an expedition on Thursday.  Friday (the Lord willing) will be a long travel day on which we return home.

The Belizean lady who does all the cooking for us has decided to send us a minor variance for supper today.  As usual we all anticipated a rice dish......but she shook us up when she made us Chicken Chow Mein. (Just when you think you are getting to know someone  :0) ....but the Chow Mein was a much appreciated change of pace.)  After another time of reflection and devotions.....the crew decided to do a little shaking up of our own.  We played Mexican Train Dominoes tonight.....instead of the usual 5 Crowns card game.  A day of change!

The mood on the crew seems to be a little more up beat today in comparison to Monday (manic Monday).  This could be attributed to the fact that the sun is shining again, that Sandra is back at the site, or that we know that the reality of completing our mission and returning to our families is one day closer.  (Could also possibly be because Pete H won at 5 Crowns last night and we all wanted to celebrate for him.)

We continue to feel your support and prayers for our mission here.  We pray daily as a group.....but also continue to covet your prayers for safety on the remainder of our mission, travelling mercies on our way home on Friday, and that the work we are doing here will be a blessing to the Belizean people for many generations and all the beautiful children that we have met and come to know.

Beunos Dias!


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