July 28, 2013

Celebrating the Sabbath in Nicaragua

Just 4 Teachers HANDS Team:

It was a lovely day of rest in Managua.  We were able to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast together.  Lesther, our driver, took us us to Verbo (The Word, I think).  He is a Nicaraguan who grew up in California, and returned here as an adult.  He really knows how to get around the city and seems very well connected.  Verbo is the church he attends with his family because, as he says, he likes a "happy church."  Words cannot describe the vitality of the worship and enthusiasm of the people.  Flags were flying, people were dancing, and we clapped (bopping was kept to a minimum).  :)

Two members of our team with relatives in Managua, spent an afternoon reconnecting with them. They left us at Verbo, and we headed out to visit Lesther and his family in their home. They have a new baby that is now at risk of being abducted to Canada by some doting Canadian moms who miss their own kids.

After lunch, we headed for the beach.  Lester appears to be quite well connected as we had a shaded patio with tables, chairs and several hammocks.  The girls for the most part opted for playing in the huge waves and walking the beach.   The boys occupied the hammocks.  One of the local children named Alin taught us how to find sand dollars.  We never really mastered it, but Alin stacked them up like pancakes!   It was an amazing sight to watch these curious creatures bury themselves back into the sand.

After a quick change back at the guest house, we went out for pizza!  And not just any pizza.... It was the best pizza ever!!!  That might be the steady diet of rice and beans talking, or may be the deep hunger that comes from frolicking in the ocean, but I doubt it. 

Submitted by Jennifer Shoniker


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