May 24, 2013

Team Gathers through Skype for Prayer and Preparation

Just 4 Teachers HANDS Team:

It was a sunny afternoon, and as I sat on my deck with my computer on my lap, I wondered if the next hour would replace my "queasy" feelings with what I called "Yippee" feelings.  I had always dreamed of such an opportunity.  I mean, what Christian doesn't want to do something big for God? But if that is true, what was I so nervous about? 

The application to become a member of the team was very clear.  This was not going to be a resort holiday.  The reflection that goes into wrapping my head around that.... the process of looking at myself and what i value ... is what launches me into preparing for this life changing experience.  I say launching, because at the moment, I am in a glide.... soaring above any real discomfort or sacrifice, but able to get the lay of the land and make room for the Holy Spirit to work on my heart and prepare me to be a vessel for the experiences He has for me in Nicaragua.  Good thing, as I anticipate there will be a "full-in-the-face" moment where the reality of a small Nicaraguan child will collide with my own and the challenge that brings will knock my worldview on its ear.

And so the call comes and I hear for the first time, the voice of our team leader.  Minute by minute, voices from across Canada unite through the wonder of technology.  We introduce ourselves and get to smile at how delightfully similar we are.  We all have families we love, a vocation we are passionate about, and a great big wonderful God we endeavour to glorify through service.  Then as we divvy up the labour of our ministy to each other and the people of Nicaragua, we see how unique each of us is, as one then another takes on the tasks of worship, leading devotions, translating, or capturing our experiences through blogging or pictures.  God's faithfulness to us and the people we will meet in Nicaragua is revealed through both the unity and the diversity of the team He has assembled.  

As so our story begins....

Submitted by Jennifer Shoniker


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