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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Last Day! 2 comments

Our Team:

Where has our time gone?? Ten days ago, we left to come here to Nicaragua...  Today was our last day at Divino Salvador School.  We did many things today, finished making forms for the 12 columns, made and poured cement for the holes.  More painting was done, and we also sifted sand through a hand-made screen so that the fine sand can be used for the plastering the walls.  We finished our day a bit early and had a chance to share a time of fellowship with the church and school community in such a special way.  We first were treated to a delicous cake and pop from our wonderful cooks.  We then met together in their church, which is right in the middle of the school property, for a parting ceremony to thank us for being there.  It was so humbling to hear so many of them thank us for coming so far, to work so hard, to leave our families and help them in their vision for Christian education and allow more classrooms to be built so they in turn can teach the children about Biblical worldview... Christ in every part of our life, every day of the week!  We realize this could not be done without the work of EduDeo Ministries.  As a team, we could see first hand how God has worked so powerfully through their work and the work of so many teams in the goal of allowing Christian schools to flourish and be supported in different parts of the world. We were so well cared for at the Nehemiah Center!  We came to Nicaragua to help the people here, to be the hands and feet of Jesus, but I think we will leave with so much more...the memories of this beautiful country, the fellowship we enjoyed with our team and our Alberta friends, Peter, Trudy, Muff and Frank, and our hard working Nicaraguan friends and church and school community...the knowledge and seeing firsthand that Christ is alive and flourishing in this country, and their kindness and joy shown to us.  As we prepare to go home to our families, and we are so excited to go back home to our lives, it is our prayer that whatever we learned here in Nicaragua will be reflected in our lives at home.  Thank you to all of our family and friends around the globe who have prayed for us during our time here; we are so thankful to know that!  We pray for safety as we fly home tomorrow and look forward to celebrating Christ's birth, the reason for the season.  God bless you!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Talk about concrete! 3 comments

Today we woke up to another beautiful day of sunshine. We were once again fed a good breakfast and off we went!  We arrived, and as we have done every day, we opened with prayer with our team and fellow Nicaraguans and the concrete started mixing! We were thankful to have a cement mixer helping us out, and boy was he hungry! We hauled up approximately 1200 pails of cement to the second floor. We were like a finely tuned machine, all parts working in sinc to get the job done.  From getting the mix ratios ready, to mixing the concrete, to shovelling the pails full, to handing them up to be then handed up again to the second floor, and then lastly for the men who were trowelling.  Wow, we were so thankful to be done this part of the job!  Painting was also being done, cleaning up, working with the Compassion Program and filling the 12 holes with concrete.

It was a good day, and we enjoyed the fellowship with all those we came in contact with.  After every lunch time, we enjoy a time of relaxing out on the streets and chatting and saying hello to those that walk by. 

We enjoyed a delicous meal and showers felt oh so good! We are so excited to see the progress being made at the school, and know that many children will be able to benefit from Christian education. Praise to the Lord!


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Monday, December 5, 2011

Back on the job 1 comment

Bright and early we arrived back at Divino Salvador School (Divine Saviour), ready to work! We began the day by setting up some saw horses for more painting, and preparing to mix for concrete. Sand, stone and bags of cement mix were delivered and the recipe was three wheelbarrows of sand, two wheelbarrows of stones and three bags of mix, added to five pails of water makes up a batch, and this is all mixed by hand! We formed a bucket brigade up to the second floor which worked very well.  Gail also had opportunity to work with the Compassion Program that uses the school facilities to work with those who cannot afford Christian education. They are able to teach reading and writing through Bible stories, meals and a Christmas gift.   We are enjoying the fellowship working together as a team and seeing the results of our hard work in so many areas at the school.  Many parts, one body of Christ!  We came home tired and ready for showers and delicious food.  Tomorrow the rest of the concrete work begins, so off to bed we go! We pray for God's continuing care over the whole work group for another new day.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, The Lord's Day 1 comment

Hola! (Hello) We enjoyed a beautiful service at Verbo Church in Managua, a Spanish speaking church. It was wonderful to see that the Lord is very much alive in the people of Nicaragua!! Praise the Lord! (Alaba a Dios!).  We were given headphones so that we had the translation to understand the message.  We are all necessary for the Kingdom of God and need to be disciples.  Matthew 28, Jesus asks us to go and make disciples of all nations.  We should not just be people of words, but people of action wherever God has placed us!

Tomorrow we are back at the school to prepare the second floor for concrete. Good night and we thank you for your continued prayers and encouragements.

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