May 16, 2019

May 12-14

International Block Learning Trip - London & Toronto HANDS Team:

May. 12


In the morning, we went to a very big international church, most of us got the headphone translator.  In the afternoon, we went to the mall.  We bought some snacks and contacted with our families.  It is good for us to call on Mother’s Day.  Although we are far away from home,long distance cannot prevent us from sending love, hugs and best wishes.  After mall, we had a pretty relaxing evening.  During circle time,we did some debriefing of our trip.  Then people played games and cards.  Also, six of us had a Korean noodles party!!! Everyone enjoyed the spicy noodles, it is helpful for us to know about another culture as well.


May 13.

On Monday, our team split into three groups.  The first group went to Renacer school and spent their morning in the classrooms.  They also had fun talking to the students and playing with the little kids.  The second group went to Funfonavi.  We first helped with setting up the tables and chairs.  When the kids arrived, we started to play with them and they braided the girls’ hair.  At lunch time, we helped serving and feeding the food to the children.  Some people went to the hospital and got checked out with their illness, they got some medications as well.  At 3.00 p.m,we did some debriefing with Kimberly.  Each of us drew a compass on the paper.  The North represents “home”, South represents “passion / joyful things we did”, West represents “grief”and East represents “invitation”.  We wrote our thoughts and examples in each section.  I think it’s really helpful for us to think about our lives.  When we live in the fast pace society, there’s rarely chances for us to think about some deep questions.  This activity provided the opportunity for us to re-understand and re-locate ourselves in life journey.  We had some homework time in the late afternoon.  After supper, we had small groups and circle time.  As the trip is towards to the end, we answered four debriefing questions during circle time. It is necessary for us to prepare our mind before returning home.  In the evening, we started to sign our names on the T-shirts and write each other a friendly note.


May 14.

Today, one group when to the construction site and the other group when to Funfonavi again.  Instead of serving food to the children, we went to a village and helped giving away the donations.  We sang and danced with them.  The kids there are learning some Bible stories, they had to answer some story questions in order to get new toys.  Although the hot weather made everyone feel exhausted, we still tried our best to bring joy to them.


There are only couple of days left for this trip.  Personally, I’m very thankful for everyone in this team, and the experience we had in the past 42 days.  I can see our growth not only in physical work skills, but also in mental support and friendship connections.  We have a base that everyone refers as “home”; we share our lives and memories together in this country.  Therefore, instead of calling our group as “International block team”, I would like to call us as a family.  The spiritual family that is unique, loving, and caring.  For the rest of our trip, I pray for health and safety.  I hope we can have a perfect ending for this journey.



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