May 9, 2019

May 3-8

International Block Learning Trip - London & Toronto HANDS Team:

Dear friends and family, I am writing this blog on Wednesday May 8th after our bus ride back to Santo Domingo. This blog might be a little longer as I will briefly describe each of the five days. Hope you all enjoy reading about some of the amazing things we are all doing.

On Friday May 3rd we went back to the village to finish up creating the foundation of the church. We continued to pour cement into the foundation and waited for it to dry. Creating the cement, pouring it and letting it dry took most of the morning. While all of this was happening part of the group went to the school to be with the kids in the community. While at the school they played games with them, like cat and mouse, duck duck goose, and played with bubbles. They also did some crafts that included drawing and decorating a cross made with popsicle sticks. After lunch everyone was helping with the church doing brick and mortar. After a couple hours of work we finished all of the mortar we had so we started packing up. On our bus ride back to base it started to rain once again. 

Saturday May 4th was an excursion day. We started off the day going to a farm to milk cows. The owner of the farm was the guy who ran the ministry center that we were staying at. There were 11 milking cows. Everyone had a really good time and had lots of fun. Once we were done milking cows we went back to the ministry center to have breakfast. After breakfast we went to a mango farm, to pick mangos. When we were there some people picked mangos, as well as some of us went in the river for a little bit to skip rocks. Once we left the mango farm we went to a waterfall. When we got to the waterfall we had lunch which was fried chicken. After we all ate we went down to the water. In the water we were all swimming for a little bit, then someone found a rock that we could all jump off of as the water was deep in that area. We were able to stand right under the actual waterfall, it would give you a nice massage. After the waterfall we went back to the base.

On Sunday May 5th we all woke up and had breakfast. After breakfast we all got on the bus and went to church. The pastor was also the foreman/supervisor for the church that we were building in the village. He spoke on the fact that everything God created on earth is meant to glorify him, including humans. He was also talking about how the Bible is not only meant for adults but also the youth and children. After church we left for are new base, on the way there we stopped for lunch. The new base we were staying at was called the house of Abraham and it was located just outside of San Padro. This base was really nice as it had a large property, it also had a pool, the rooms we were in were also really big.

On Monday May 6th half of the group woke up sick, but we all had breakfast together. Me and the others that weren’t sick went to a school to talk/get to know the students, which was called Los Guandules, we would also be painting the school in the next couple of days. While half of us were at the school the others that were sick stayed back at the base to rest. Once we were done at the school we went back to the base and relaxed at the pool.

On Tuesday May 7th we went back to Los Guandules to start to paint. In the morning when we got to the school we found out what walls we had to paint. There was a total of 6 walls we had to paint, we also found out we had to put paint primer on all the walls, then paint the water-based paint on the walls. Doing the 6 walls with primer took most of the morning, by the time it was lunch we had done all the walls with primer. While we were having lunch all the primer was drying. After lunch we started painting all the walls, by the end of the day we had 5 ½ of the walls finished painted. When we got back to the base we all went to the pool to cool down.

Today Wednesday May 8th after breakfast we went back to the school for the last day, it would also be a half day. As soon as we got to the school we finished that one-half wall from yesterday. Once we were done that we went and painted the wall that was around the school both the outside and inside. This wall was harder to paint then the rest as it was a bumpy wall, and when you would roll paint on it there was certain areas it wouldn’t paint, so you had to over it a second time. This wall took us the rest of the time until lunch to do. Once we finished that wall we cleaned all the brushed and rollers, and trays. After everything was clean it was time to eat. After lunch we said goodbye to everyone at the school, and then went back to the base. At the base we went to the pool for about an hour. Once we got out of the water we all went back to are rooms changed and then packed are suitcases. Once earthing was packed we loaded it all onto the bus. It was about 3:00 pm when we left San Padro. We got back to Santo Domingo at around 4:30. We all unpacked, and then relaxed until 6:00 which was when we had dinner.

Thank you all for your prayers, and support of are group, in the coming days please pray for health and safety. As our trip is nearing the end we will continue working, and building relationships with the students of Renacer, as well as other here in the DR.

-          Isaiah



May 9, 2019 at 3:35 pm

Great to get the update. All the best to all. You continue to be in our prayers.

At TDChristian, today, we showed the blog at the Grandparents Day Assembly and we noted how good it was to be partnered with Edudeo and London Christian High.

God is faithful from generation to generation and all over the world!

May 9, 2019 at 6:20 pm

Hi Isaiah,

Wow such a detailed letter from you...awesome though!

May 9, 2019 at 6:53 pm

It sounds so interesting and fun and rewarding to help people there and learn so much too! I''m so glad you can be there Isaiah! Enjoy!

Uncle Harry

May 10, 2019 at 11:21 am

Thank you for the update Isaiah!!!! I’m so pleased to hear about your trip!

Sounds like yo are doing some wonderful things!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon! I will continue to pray for your entire class and teachers!


Angie :)

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