April 26, 2019

April 24-25

International Block Learning Trip - London & Toronto HANDS Team:

April 24-25

Hola! Buenos Dias! Mi nombre es Zoe Lendvay y estoy feliz escribir hoy! (that means “Hello! Good day! My name is Zoe Lendvay and I am happy to write today!” and I didn’t even translate that for those of you who think I’m cheating :))

These have been a wonderful past two days! Let me tell you a little about what’s gone on here:

April 24, 2019

We woke up and ate breakfast and then our group proceeded to split up. The half of the group I was in went to Funfonavi. It is a food serving organization that works to feed a variety of people. We prepared food there while others played with kids who wandered in as time went on. We enjoyed playing toss with balls, having laps full of children, and having our hair turn into one big knot due to little hands. When it came to be serving time, one Canadian sat down per table and plates were served in smalls, mediums, and larges. It was neat to sit and interact with children, but I appreciated how the older kids at took initiative by leading in washing dishes, so the younger kids would follow. When it was somewhat empty, we sat down to eat and enjoyed the calm after the chaos. After cleaning tables, washing pans, and mopping floors, etc, we jumped into our van and drove home.

According to the other half of us, the day was spent at a school right next door to our house, called Emanuel. They started out with a tour -something very typical of Dominican schools- and this lead on to hanging out with the grade 12 students. They all participated in an activity together in which they learned names and future careers of students. The Canadian students took a walk with Franklin, our host, and this took a turn to them going to a shoe store and then to his mothers’ house to meet some of his family. They came back to Emanuel for lunch and took on their next task. They split up again and took on painting their basketball court alongside Dominicans and painting chairs. It wasn’t much later until my half of the group arrived home to join them.

When work was done for the day, dinner was shared, and we went our separate ways. Not for long, because it came time for worship Wednesday, an adaptation of an activity new to LCH, and this time around was ruled by the request of hymns. After finishing with our circle activities, a few stayed back to continue worshipping, which was beautiful. The night ended with relaxing as people could be seen playing liars dice and Euchre.


April 25, 2019

We started our day off with the breakfast of champions, just like any other day here. This day, we got cozy in fitting into our van and headed to a school by the name of Filadelfia. Once again, we were greeted with tour upon arrival. To give you a look, we were filed into classroom after classroom to hear songs, Bible verses recited, applaud, attempted English, and receiving posters. As we came out of a room upstairs after our final meet and greet, we stepped into their gym area and the principal asks, “So, do you want to play with the kids until lunch?” Keeping in mind that all of us came to school expecting only to paint, we just adapted into our new schedule, something that happens often. The group proceeded to play with class by class while Karen, Kate, and I planned murals for the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the games of cat and mouse, duck duck goose, and blob tag. When every grade had had their turn to play, it was time for a lunch of rice, chicken, bean sauce, boiled banana, and yucca and carrot salad. Next up, painting! We dominated our work in the next hours at the school. The mural planners were joined by a few more to get started on the masterpiece that was and is yet to become of the gym. The others of the group did awesome at painting classrooms. Overall, it was evident that we all worked as a team to give our all. We cleaned up, took our ride home, and ate dinner shortly after. Before small groups came a short walk by a few people in our group. My small group includes Karen, Megan, Caleb, and Emily, and we had an awesome chat about authority in prayer. Lastly was circle, and I feel as though this one was particularly enjoyed by most for the reason that we spontaneously decided to put our arms around each other as we sat in our makeshift circle of chairs and ended in prayer holding hands like we do for every meal. I now sit around people playing cards and writing journals and letters.


My experience has been nothing short of blessed my God and I think I can say the same for the rest of my family here. I can’t, however, say that nothing is stirring in our 5-room house when there are the sounds of roosters crowing, dogs barking, David making trumpet noises with his mouth, and Karen playing her guitar. As for the weather, I can tell that the sunshine is out by the Birkenstock tan I’ve earned. I’ve enjoyed the amount of reading I’ve gotten done here and the difference of not having a constant mental to-do list. I’ve found it valuable to further the relationships I have with my team mates and family members. I’ve promised myself to take in the songs I sing with Karen, the chain reaction of friendship bracelet making, and goofy nicknames. It’s at these times when people ask, “Where did all the bread go?” make me laugh on the inside because of the bottomless pit of a teenagers’ stomach.  We’ve reached past the halfway point- a fact that will make some of our readers happy and some sad (I understand mom and dad :)). We’ve reached our third revised calendar, and according to it, Sunday is when we leave on a 9-day trip to the village, Monte Plata, which will be sure to shake things up.


To end this blog, I would like to ask for your prayers towards our health, safety, and community as we continue this journey, Lord willing. God has been in and of us these 22 days. I stop to praise God when our 20-person-family spends time with each other and the love around us is so present it feels tangible. As a chronically busy person, I feel the enormous privilege of being able to slow down to learn, experience, and express birthed from the moments that foster opportunity for intrigue that my family, friends, and loved ones have all contributed to making happen. I believe that it is a miracle that I am here with those whom God loves dearly so that I may learn to love them in the same way. My heart has many questions on it, but I don’t (or try not to) fear because the one who made it brings me peace. Thank you dearly for reading (if you’ve made it this far) and I pray that this post has blessed you in some way.


With Love,



 PSA!! On behalf of our entire team, please be patient with us as we try to find a new way to upload pictures. Sometimes blogs are late because each picture takes 30-60 minutes to upload. We are working on getting a better system for our readers. Thank you for your grace, and pictures for this blog will be up soon!


Apr 26, 2019 at 10:16 pm

Thanks for your consistent updates. They are deeply appreciated by the families and the community overall.

We shared the blog at the TDChristian Membership Meeting yesterday where we also announced that teacher Rachael Weening was awarded the Rozema Award for Excellence in Global Perspectives Edcuation for 2019. She is the person who forged a trail on which your team is now traveling.

Godspeed. We continue to give thanks and pray for your learning and safety.

M & D ( Mom and Dad)
Apr 26, 2019 at 10:23 pm

Glad to read your blog! Thankful that things are going well! Sounds like the days and evenings are busy but God is blessing you and your group as well as the DR people!

Apr 29, 2019 at 7:25 am

Glad to hear you’re experiencing peace and spiritual growth. Love the updates even though I’m well behind in reading them. Love to you ❤️

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