April 20, 2019

April 18-19

International Block Learning Trip - London & Toronto HANDS Team:

On April 18, we went to run a Vacation Bible School near a Christian school as it was holy week in DR. There were children of age 4 to 12, about 50 of them. Some of us prepared drama, some took music, some brought props for games, and some prepared for arts and crafts. For the music part, we sang “Gloria Dios” and “Joy in My Heart” in Spanish with the Dominican children. We had lyric boards for all of us. For drama, we chose the book of Matthew chapter 26 to 28, for the story of the last supper to the resurrection of Jesus and prepared an interactive play. Each Canadian student had a role with a Dominican child and as Franklin and Isaiah each read Spanish and English narrations, we mimed out the story. The Dominican children were willing to participate, so it was difficult for us to pick just one Dominican for each of the roles, and at the same time, we loved how much they were willing to join us with such enthusiasm. We played games at a Christian school near the VBS place. We played “Greetings Game”, “Rock Paper Scissors Blob Tag”, “Water Bottle Relay.” For arts and crafts we prepared 4 activities: beads with strings to make bracelets for themselves where each colour of bead had a biblical meaning, colouring papers for weaving, sheets for colouring and crayons, and stickers with cross made from popsicle sticks. The children were so happy to bring their creative works to their homes. After lunch, we went to Mario’s church to run one more VBS. We went to a basketball court near the church and met about 70 Dominican children there. We basically did the same thing for the second VBS as what we did for the first VBS. We ran most of the VBS at the first church, whereas Dominicans ran parts of the second VBS. They handed out the New Testament in Spanish to the children and played some music so that we could dance and sing with them. It makes us energetic to play with children. The Dominican children are always full of love, and they never hesitate to share it. They would hug us, hold our hands, and try to express their feelings and share thoughts even though there is a language barrier between us and them.

On April 19, we went to Colonial Zone in order to observe a Catholic church service for Good Friday. It was not a proper mass but had repetitive prayers with some songs as transition. For me, it was familiar enough to follow along the prayers in Korean, but it probably was a new experience for most of the people in the group. After visiting the Dominican Cathedral, we took a walk around the colonial old city. Some of us visited a chocolate factory or observed and reflected on different people on the street. We saw lots of tourists and found differences between them and us. We reflected on how we try to focus on the moment that we are at right now. It was a nice transition day between hard work and a great opportunity to prepare for celebrating Easter. Before dinner, the grade 11 students of TDCH watched a video as a part of their Bible course.

-          Sarah Im


Alexis L (Zoe's Sister)
Apr 20, 2019 at 3:36 pm

Sounds amazing guys! You guys are awesome & are being prayed for everyday! Keep up all the wonderful work, God is transforming hearts and minds for the kingdom through you!! Also, we miss you Zoe but are proud and praying for you here!!

Lucas Krale
Apr 21, 2019 at 12:21 pm


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