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Sunday, February 11, 2018

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Our Team:

After a great day of visiting 4 schools, we tried to leave Riley at 1, we returned to the center for supper and packing. It was good to visit schools and see hoe the work of EDUDEO is impacting them. At one school we heard how because of enrolement, the average class size is 46 students!!!

Up at 5 am for trip to airport and flights home. Over 4 hour delay in Atlanta because of snow in Toronto. Land at 12:15 instead of 7:05.

Great week but good to be home 

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

last work day 1 comment

Today was our last day of working at the school. When we arrived in the morning the school had a thank you program. It was loud and awesome. They had a gigt for all the team members and continued to say thank you for our being at their school.

By the time we leave at 4 we had all the beams painted for this classroom as well as those for another school. The footings were poured and 2 rows of block laid and the floor was poured. God was good to us in our ability to work well together as a team.

Tomorrow we will vist some schools.


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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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Had a great day today playing basketball with the kids in the school yard. It was good to see the guys getting tackled by 25 grade 4 boys.

The day went well with work, dug holes for footings, made re-bar cages and painted beams. The principal from the school shared her story. Very moving to hear how she has seen God working in her life and the life of the school.

Great time getting to know the foreman and his 2 sons. The foreman shares a bit of his story. He was a soilder in the Sandinista army and was wounded in the Contra wars. Through some events after this came to know God and his whole family are Christians.

Everone is well and seems to be managing the heat well.



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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

It´s not about the work! 1 comment

But it is.

We need to keep reminding ourselves that our focus is not the work. But we sure got a lot of work done, both yesterday and today. We apologize for not publishing our blog yesterday; we had technology issues. When we got back to Home Base after a day of hard work, the power was out, the shower didn´t work and supper was delayed. Then the speaker for the video didn´t work, and we couldn´t have our regular devotions. 

Yesterday? Our 5 footings holes were dug before noon.  (Last year´s team took more than 3 days to dig 15 holes.) Peter, our in-country organizer, is already concerned that there won´t be enough easy work for the team to do. We´re painting trusses and perlins for two jobs, and some of us are building re-bar cages for columns, doorposts, grade beams and bond beams. All typical stuff for Edudeo teams. Tomorrow we might actually be smart enough to engage the students and teachers so we can say we made friends and are working on relationships instead of just giving our time for 8 days.

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