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Sunday, March 4, 2018

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Our Team:

Well Hope 5 Hands Team is home safe. Thanks for your prayers and support. God was good to us!

We had safety on our trip and generally good health. The team worked well with the Ikwele community and made many friends. Collins was good at organizing our days and kept us busy! CCAP is a great in-country host: they organize our transportation, lodging, excellent meals and construction project. We give thanks for being able to partner with EduDeo Ministry and appreciate all the planning and organizing that’s done before we arrive.

We are thankful for all of our supporters back home-through the fundraising, the encouraging words, lifting us in prayer, and to our families who encouraged and supported our leaving them for 2 weeks! We couldnt have had the succes we do without all of this going together as it did..we see God's hand in it all!

Also I’d really like to thank a great group that participated on this trip. They were amazing!!

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Friday, March 2, 2018

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Today was a day that we were looking forward to with some anticipation. We were at the South Lilongwe National Park! We started our ride at 6:00 am at first light. The drive started off slow for the first bit, but then we obsrved a couple of giraffes and an elephant or 2. Then the the driver got a call from his colleague that they found some lions. It seemed that our driver took his time stopping to look at some more elephants and a dazzle of zebras. Finally we made our way back to where the lions had been seen. We were surprised to see a pride of lions from less than 50’ eating a freshly killed buffalo. There was 1 male, 4 females, and some cubs. We sat and watched nature up close as they just ignored us.

Later we were able to see many more animals in God's amazing creation. It was a nice way to end our time here. Shortly after our return from our game drive, we began the long journey we will have to get home. We had a 10 hour drive from the National Park to Lusaka. We arrived at our rooms around 9:30pm. The team is doing good, although a few have upset stomachs. Nothing serious at this point.

Please continue to pray for health and safety as we begin the long journey home today and fly out of Lusaka just before 4 pm.

We give thanks for Gods watchful eye on us and his protection through out this trip. We also are grateful for all your support. It means a lot.

Hope 5

PS-If the group photo is upside down, sorry but thats the only way it will load onto the blog for some reason!

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

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This morning we had the privilege to visit another CCAP school, one in Kchele, on our way to Ikwele. It was encouraging to see the enthusiasm of the Headmaster there as he showed us around the grounds and the progress being made and explaining the plans for the future of the school.

After our visit, it was off to Ikwele for our last morning of work. Once another delicious breakfast by Dorthy was cleaned up, the task for the morning was to finish parging the last classroom of the three. With so much help from the community it was a quick job and there was time to get started on the teacher’s room before lunchtime.

After lunch, we interacted with most of the students of Ikwele while we waited for the closing ceremonies to start. There were turns being taken on a bicycle. The poor thing didn’t know what hit it when Barrie and Darrell hopped on at the same time and went for a spin. Some of us threw a ball around with the children and were impressed to see the throwing arm on some of them.

At the closing ceremonies, we were treated to a few dances from the students and speeches from the PTA thanking us for coming to help work on the Ikwele project. We were also invited to share a couple dances and a song. We should have known that the rains were coming again, because we needed to move back inside the school for the gifts that were given to us and a closing prayer by Jen.

Then the team began the drive to Mphue with much anticipation of their upcoming game drive at the South Lalaungua Wild Life park !!!

To be continued......

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Entry 9! 2 comments

Today was our last full day of work! The majority of the work was parging. We finished the second and almost completed the third room. We also took down the forms and straightened nails. It was a good cool morning but as the day went on so did heat. We’ve had a lot of help from the community and it’s been really good working together. Towards the end of the day Collins had planned a fun activity for us called the Zambian Express! We had to follow a map into a local village and successfully complete a number of tasks. These tasks included carrying buckets of water on our heads, harvesting tobacco leaves, doing a local dance and riding an ox cart back to the school. It was fun being able to interact with the villagers and getting a glimpse of their daily lives. We were all winners and rewarded with cookies after supper. Again we finished the evening with a great meal, devotions and a refreshing amount of rain.

Please pray for safety as we finish up the last bit of work we have to do and for the workers who will be finishing the school. Keep the community in your prayers as they face their daily challenges.

Pray for safe travels tomorrow as we head out in the afternoon to the game park.

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