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Team Hope 4 (My Team)

Justin is the name. I am the oldest son (second oldest kid) in a large family of 8 kids. There are two boys and six girls, and the youngest is a boy so I was the only boy in my family for 21 years. A large family (like any family) has its ups and downs, but over all I love it. I work very closely with my Dad on the family farm. We enjoy challenges, so we try to be entrepreneurial. We currently have an established fish farm, but are actively working on integrating our fish waste into a greenhouse system. We also have some beef cows, hay crops, and finisher pigs. One of my favorite pastimes is working! I'm not really a fan of vacation/holidays, I enjoy taking time off work to do things like go to Ottawa for some political things I am involved in or building a house in Mexico. I enjoy interacting with little people (kids) and teaching Sunday school at church. I am hoping to go on this trip for a number of reasons: I love to travel, but not when there is no real purpose. To go help build on a school is a very good reason to travel. I have been told that just being there is an encouragement to the local people, showing them that we care. I do have a fair bit of experience with general construction and hope to make myself useful in the physical work of building. Most of all, I think it is important to have a reality check sometimes. To see the things that we have that others do without. To realize that the things we make a big deal about are not necessarily a big deal. That is easy to say or write in this bio, but to see it first hand is entirely different.
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