December 9, 2015

A Day Off!

Hope 3 HANDS Team:

Wednesday was a break from our normal work routine. We set off this morning to visit Emusu Primary school. It is about 1/12 hour drive from the guest house. The roads were pretty rough and make our worst roads look great! ( even Saskatchewan roads are better ) We saw a family planting and making furrows in a field and had to stop and see the ox plow working. The farmers wife and 3 children were planting cotton in the field behind him.
Arriving at Emusu, we noticed mangos lying on the ground with many ripe ones on the trees. This kept Corne and Mike busy eating mangos. We had a good visit and also noticed a women and child clinic near by . This is national health week in Zambia and this clinic was for children under 5 years of age. 
 We then headed back and stopped at Hoya Secondary School and met with Kondwelani, the assistant deputy head teacher. He toured us to their water point with the new electric pump and the storage tank that feeds 3 or 4 water points. He said it has been a big help for the students and the contractors to have the water piped to where it is needed. We also toured the school that Hope 1 and Hope 2 worked on last year. It is coming along quite nicely and they still hope to start using it late January. They plan on having a full secondary with up to 400 students beginning in January.  We were very pleased to see their progress and give thanks to God for their perseverance !!!
  In the afternoon we headed to Cherwa, a local farmer and beekeeper 's place. The team enjoyed seeing and learning about Zambian beekeeping and farming practices. Clarence and Dirk didn't even get chased out of the bee yard.
It was a good day. Tomorrow is back to work at Mphamba....


Dec 10, 2015 at 3:46 pm

Good thing you guys took a day off! Its great that you have been able to see and learn from different communities.

Praying that the Lord would continue to reveal himself to you and give you strength for the last half of your trip!

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