December 7, 2015

Twofer (two days in one blog!)

Hope 3 HANDS Team:

Sunday morning we went to the local Presbyterian church. The English service started at 8:30 and church was just filling. By 8:45 church was full and we were treated to several local choirs. Hope 3 sang Amazing Grace and it didn't sound too bad; they suggested our group be called "Canadian Men's Guild". We then listened to an English message on being Peace Makers. It was a message that resounded with some of the group.
In the afternoon we took a quiet drive through the country to Mwase secondary School. It was good to visit the first school we have worked on. The school (1 by 4 classroom block) is complete and being fully used now. It was a bit emotional to go there for some of us, because of the memories, and the reason we started this comes flooding back. We're still very thankful for the opportunity we have had to give back in this way.

Was another warm morning here in Lundazi. The sun seems to hit full heat by 8:30 am. Once again we had afternoon showers and things cooled down. We made good progress parging again today and seem to be getting a bit of a back for it??
Some of the comments after supper tonight were about how happy the workers that we are working with have been. They seem to be joking and laughing all the time. They really do make the day go by quickly.

The local workers think Mike  has the potential as a safety tester for staging or as a plank walker.

During an after work walk we had a conversation with a motorcycle dealer about declining sales. This  confirmed our suspections about the negative impact of the  kwache (the Zambian dollar) lortfsing some of its value. A further conversation with a fertilizer salesman about the rising cost of fertilizer for maize just reinforced the plight of the local farmer, who is dependent on imported inputs for a crop used or sold in the local market .


Dec 8, 2015 at 4:12 pm

Its great to hear that your team has started to build relationships with the workers!

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