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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Park day 0 comments

Our Team:

Sunday morning was good, we had devotions led by Rev. Nehimia. He gave us a message from Mathew 31:31-41where Jesus said whatever you do unto the least of these you have done unto me. It was a message that stuck because we had discussions about it earlier in the week. It doesn't matter if were in North America or in Zambia we have a responsibility to help the less fortunate. No excuses.
 Then we headed off to Mufuwe and the national game park. Rosa, our bus made her way there without missing a beat.
We sat around and relaxed preparing for our game drive in the morning. That evening we turned in around 9:00 pm. Around 11:30 I awoke to the creaking of our door and said. Paul! Paul is that you? But he answered from the bed beside me. Jerry I'm here. So I called out who's there ? And jumped up, while I was by the door trying to see who opened it or what, I stepped on a stone in the door way and then turned on the light to see. Paul looked up and said Jerry, my bag is gone! Now what? Paul says my passport was in there! Oh no!  I looked around for any thing else missing and my phone was gone. It was plugged in across from my head only 5' away ! We called out in the dark , too scared to walk to the office for fear of the wild animals. Soon one the two  night watchmen came and we explained what had happened.  Naively I asked could it be monkeys? But we knew the answer: we had been robbed. Sleep was difficult after that since we couldn't do anything in the middle of the night.
Paul already had been challenged because his luggage never made it when we arrived and he had been using the  clothes in is backpack. We were unsure how to proceed in the morning , but due to advice from the owner and our hosts, Paul came on the game drive and the camps owner and staff would search for his bag in the bush as they were hoping that the perpetrator would discard it when they didn't find any valuables. Half way through the drive Moffat received a call and they had found some of the contents and Paul's passport!! We were overjoyed!
What we observed as a team is that Paul stayed calm through several trials and was content with his luggage and with out. He set a real example for us all and God was faithful. We were able to retrieve his 2 bags this morning that had been lost earlier and the team is happy and laughing. We have had some great experiences and a few good stories to tell when we are home. We will post some pictures when were back in Canada. Zambia is a safe and friendly country and one girl we met from the American Peace Corp said she felt safer here than in her home in the U.S.
Thanks for all your prayers and support in the last 2 weeks!! We arrive Wednesday afternoon home.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Last work day 2 comments

Saturday started off as a normal day of work at Mphamba. It was hot again, but, this being our last day, we only worked until 11:00 am. We took some time to rest and had our farewell service in the afternoon. We had a small group of students and teachers, also workers and our team members.
Some of the highlights was listening to some young girls recite some memory work and some grade 1-3 girls do a reading. We also had a grade six girl thank us in her farewell speech. It was good to have some closing remarks  by the PTA chairperson and Reverend Nehimia. We also had a women's choir come and sing and lead us in a dance.  We said good bye to the group and had the choir come right to the bus and shake hands with team members before we left.
 Had another trip to the barber and seem to have a gained and lost a team member, because nobody recognizes him here!
Dorothy prepared a local delicacy for us to try this evening. Most of the team tried it, but a few could not be convinced!
 Tomorrow we will have church in the guest house and then head to the South Luangwa National Park, before we head home.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Leviticus 26:3-4 0 comments

The Lord says in Leviticus 26:3,4
"If you follow my decrees and obey my commands, I will send you rain in its season and the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit."
The thunder started early this morning and God kept His word by sending rain and replenishing the soils. This is rainy season and the rains have been slow to come, but have been more frequent lately and the planting is started. It was a wonderful sight to see the rain this morning.
This afternoon it was once again very warm with a blazing sun. We have almost completed the parging and a brick foundation along the front of the classrooms. We've had an awesome group of local workers to work with led by Wilson Zulu.
There has been plenty of laughter and a few jokes as we try to learn a few words in Timbouka.

After the recent rains, it was bug day! We found a half dozen millipedes, huge crickets, a locust, a tarantula, and a pretty large toad! Some men were heard to be screaming like young girls at times. Pretty fun day! :)

Tomorrow morning will be our last day of work and in the afternoon we will have a farewell ceremony with students,locals and workers.

P.s. Looks like more rain again tonight, God is good !!

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

water water!!! 1 comment

 Last night the water was off around 8:00, but came on later. But unfortunately we were waterless again this morning. One team member found out after using the washroom(oops!). After a long day  in the relentless sun, we came back to the guest house to learn there still was no water. Water was also in short supply at the job site, we had to make a few trips to to the local borehole to get water for making mortar. Feeling pretty dirty and smelly now!! 

Paul says that it was 38 degrees in the shade when we left work, so you know it tested our resolve today.

 Every body has remained in good spirits through the heat, and a few are even out side of the guest house playing volleyball !!

 We have enjoyed Dorothy's cooking the last 10 days also. We even started to sing today about how we love her chicken.  It made her blush a little I think.


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