December 1, 2014

Five Quacha wacha wacha

Hope 2 - Kyndra's Hearts for Zambia HANDS Team:

Today was a travel day; we started off by saying our farewells to the CCAP staff and gave them some parting gifts.  Some of the group ran to the local markets to buy last minute Zambian shirts, flags and head socks (toques). We then crammed all our luggage into Rosa and headed out from Lundazi. It was bittersweet for most of us as we felt the trip was too short but at the same time missed our families in Canada.

We drove about 6 hours to the Luangwa wildlife park.  We listened to Ed, Philemon, and Jack joke about Five quacha wacha wacha, which is something vendors scream non stop.(it translates into only five quacha for...usally bread). We encountered a herd of elephants before we even got to the park.

Our accommodations were 5 star luxury suites compared to what we have become used to.  Baboons were everywhere as well as geckos, lizards, meercats, warthogs and even a hippo in the river.  We relaxed for most of the afternoon at the pool amazed at the wildlife and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.  At seven we went to the restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful meal that didn’t include nshima which we have been accustomed to eating for every meal. 

After the meal the head guide brought out his flashlight and showed us some of the nocturnal animals prowling near the river, it was amazing to see so many eyes staring back. We then enjoyed coffee and tea and reflected on the trip, the highs, the lows, the emotions and opinions.

We all headed to bed as the game drive was set to start at 530. Ed and Rebecca claim an elephant sauntered through our villas as they got ready for bed, it must have been difficult for Rebecca to keep Ed from chasing it.


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