November 29, 2014

Shake it!

Hope 2 - Kyndra's Hearts for Zambia HANDS Team:

Since we’re catching up from yesterday, we’ll just summarize what we did:

- Visited a beekeeper  since there are 5 team members involved in beekeeping

-He showed us around his property and we got to see a few of his hives

-They hang their hives in trees to prevent ants from getting into the honey

-It was interesting to see different plants and trees along the way

-We heard a few of their struggles, so the team will try to think of a solution so they can use their wax instead of throwing it away which they’re doing now.

-Then we headed off to  Hoya school

-We had a couple hours before lunch so some went to help the workers with a bit of brick laying and others spent time with the children

-For the first time, all the HANDS team and the workers had lunch together and after we gave them gifts (a shirt and gloves)

-We then had closing ceremonies which was full of dancing and speeches

-It was colourful, vibrant, and a little embarrassing

-Each team member at one point had to join in on a dance which made all of the community laugh

-It was a great ceremony and we felt very moved

-We left the school a few soccer balls, pumps, and textbooks which they really appreciated

-After a lot of handshakes and farewells we headed back towards the guest house

-Along the way we stopped to look at a village cemetery and the local village people came to inform us about it

-Folkert than fulfilled his dream of going on a oxen cart – in a beautiful sunset

-We got back to the guest house at dark and had a late supper

-Showers, devotions, and a game of Wizard to top the night off


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