November 25, 2014

Africa Hot - Hotter than ever

Hope 2 - Kyndra's Hearts for Zambia HANDS Team:

The team got up at 7:00 and had breakfast at 7:30. We left for Hoya school at 8:15 and it took a little longer to get there since one of the springs on the vehicle came off. It was a long and bumpy ride and we had to go fairly slowly. Once we got there they took the vehicle away to get fixed.

We had similar jobs as yesterday – lots of mortar mixing and brick laying. It was a very hot day, reaching 37 degrees. After lunch we worked for a couple more hours and then left a little early to go visit Kambia day school to look at the new lab. The school is opening in January and has taken 3 HANDS teams and 3 years to complete. The labs have 18 sinks in each classroom, and there were 2 classrooms.

When we got back to the guest house a few took a quick shower before heading to the local market. We spent about half an hour there among all of the dried fish and clothing. A couple girls bought skirts and one bought some rope that is going to be used to make a swing.

After the market a couple people joined in on the local volleyball game but it gets dark so early here (around 6:30) so it was difficult to see. We all then had supper together – with beef and potatoes which reminded us of home.

Evening devotions were next and then Pastor Nehemiah gave us a brief explanation about what CCAP (Central Church of Africa Presbyteria) is. It was another busy day, but we are looking forward to tomorrow’s excursion and work!



Nov 25, 2014 at 2:24 pm

Thanks for your time of service and being a blessing to the Hoya community and the CCAP staff. Take it easy in the heat. Zambia is a wonderful place and I hope that you are able to experience the incredible things God is doing there to further His Kingdom.

Nov 25, 2014 at 5:22 pm

I enjoy reading these blogs! There very interesting and it's neat to read about what's going on in Zambia. It does seem very hot there though.

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