November 7, 2014

Our First Work Day

Hope 1 - Kyndra's Hearts for Zambia HANDS Team:

Just a little more information from yesterday....The country of Zambia has been celebrating 50 years of Independence, but has also just recently lost their president and are going through a period of mourning. Our celebration welcoming ceremony turned into a ribbon cutting for the was a more subtle ceremony as they cannot do too much celebration until the proper greiving period is done. The chief used the situation to take care of some "housekeeping" and called out some village heads- and the reason he asked them to move is they are too close to the school and room is needed for development. This was quite an interesting thing to be a witness to and was a real learning experience.

Today was our first day of work-and we worked!!! The sun was quite warm and we laid brick, mixed cement and mortar, hauled bricks back and forth, built foundation forms, and hauled water. It started off that we work in teams of three and rotate between bricking, mortor mixing and hauling cinder blocks. We made it through one rotation and the oxen needed a break and then we all did! We were able to run around a go where we where needed! It was fun to watch the kids run and help bring bricks back and forth alongside with us. We really enjoyed working alongside the construction crew, learning new words (constructive ones!!) and laughing and talking with each other.

PS...we are all exhausted....good night!!


Nov 8, 2014 at 10:08 pm

Sounds like a good day. if it makes you guys feel any better we are supposed to get 10 cm of snow tomorrow and its going to be cold all week. -10 to -16. Glad you are able to enjoy yourselves while you work and glad you guys are able to build relationships at the work site. God bless.

P.S. Yes I am going to comment every blog :)

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