November 10, 2014

Last Day at Hoya

Hope 1 - Kyndra's Hearts for Zambia HANDS Team:

Marty wrote an immaculate piece of something for our blog and then it somehow disappeared! So to recap we continued building the school, mixing cement, hauling bricks and started adding cinder blocks. Jerry and Ava got to experience the mixing and making of the cinder blocks. You think it would be good for shorter people but was very back breaking none the less! This should make it go much faster than the smaller bricks! This is our last day at Hoya to visit and get done as much as we can. A positive note of building the school by an existing school is the help of the students. Five of us can carry a few bricks but add 20 or so students and we can make piles! We were also able to finish the footings on half of the school and built up bricks on two walls ready for the footings. Afterwards we visited another nearby village. This time we were able to walk through the village and look in their buildings. One of the locals discussed what crops they produce which include maize, sweet potato, onions, ground nuts, and cotton. They raise a variety of livestock including, oxen, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, geese and pigs. It was interesting to see the storage of their crops and animal pens. After touring the village we headed back to the school and heard about further improvements with the head teacher of the school, the Vice Chair of the PTA, and Reverend Nehemia (from CCAP). They expressed their gratitude and appreciation for CCAP, Edu Deo, the HANDS teams for their willingness and participation in the building of the new school. Headed back to the compound for supper, devotions and sleep! We have a long day of travel tomorrow!



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