March 16, 2015


HDCH Choir HANDS Team:

Sunday: a day when Christians everywhere get to meet together in a common location to worship God, and this Sunday was no exception for us. We awoke to a beautifully peaceful morning after getting to sleep in a whole extra hour (!!), which we greeted by hanging out by the mango tree in our compound, (yeah, we have a mango tree. It’s pretty freaking cool) and doing devotions and singing hymns. It was so great to be able to start our day off by getting our heads in a Christ-centered place, to really remind us of who and what we’re here for.

Not long after, we all hopped in our snazzy van and zipped down the road to church, where we performed two songs during the service:” Hosanna”, a piece that we’ve been singing since last year, and “Amor Como Fuego”, which is a Spanish worship song meaning Love Like Fire. The people in the congregation really seemed to connect with the lyrics as we sang them, which was amazing to experience. It reminded us that we’re not just singing nice songs for other people to hear, but rather, we’re worshipping God first and foremost. Being able to sit in on the rest of the church service was really neat too. In some ways, it was very similar to a “normal” Canadian service in the way that it was run, but yet there was something so different about it that really made it impactful for each of us. The way they sang their praise songs, the way the pastor preached his message, and even the way the people responded to that message was so full of raw, beautiful passion. They threw their hearts and souls into every moment of that service, and it was so meaningful for our team to see that, even though we may be from different cultures and we may not speak the same language, we’re all still loving and praising the same God.

After the service, our team enjoyed lunch with our Dominican friends, played tag with some of the little kids in the church parking lot, and then walked back to our compound together with our Dominican friends. From there, we quickly changed out of our church clothes, (which were now considerably hot and sticky) and put on some fresh “casual” clothes, and headed down to an old, touristy marketplace to walk around in some shops. There was so much to see, smell, hear, and taste there: from street performers, to freshly painted artworks laying out on the side of the street, to ice cream cones, and craft stands galore. It was a playground for the senses, and once again, it was so, so cool to get to experience a bit more of the rich culture down here. The weather was beautiful too, and the way that the lazy afternoon sun bounced off all the old, picturesque buildings and streets made everything that much more beautiful, like we were walking inside a storybook. Seeing God’s creation like that was special for each and every one of us, and it was the perfect way to end off a busy, yet incredible day.

Every day gets progressively better and better, and it’s been such a great experience getting to learn and bond and perform every day. Please keep praying that we continue to stay safe and healthy, so we can all return home with awesome stories of what we’ve done.
Till tomorrow…



Mar 17, 2015 at 4:21 am

Hello team

And BIG hugs to Sara

Thank you for your updates. It is good to see you are doing well. We continue to pray that you are both blessed and a blessing while you are in the DR. Lots of prayers are being lifted up for the special concert you will be having. MAKE A JOYFUL SOUND! I wish I could be there!

Cindy & Peter
Mar 17, 2015 at 7:14 am

Such amazing memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Soak it in, experience every day to the fullest, and allow God to speak to you through the richness of the culture and the incredible people you are meeting.

We wish we could be there just to watch you take it all in. But reading this blog helps us to experience it along with you. Good job Heather!

Be kind to your leaders -- they are amazing people to be taking you on such an adventure!! Praying for your health, and continued bonding as a team with each other and your DR friends.

Mar 17, 2015 at 11:03 am

Will, hope today is full of joy and praise and the nearness of God. Thinking of you and missing you, with lots of love,


EduDeo Staff
Mar 18, 2015 at 8:43 am

HI All,

Just wanted to comment on your wonderful singing yesterday(Tuesday). Yesterday morning I was on a skype call with Mario Matos who was at the Ministry Center and I commented on the wonderful singing in the background. He said, "Oh that's the HDCH team and the students from Emmanuel practising for their concert." Sounded great. Thanks for Praising God together with your Dominican friends.

Melanie and Paul
Mar 18, 2015 at 10:13 am

We are so glad that you are able to see followers of Christ in a vastly different place from yours. We continue to pray for the team - for a great time and health! Thank you for the updates.

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